What's Coming Up 158: Prune weeping cherry, plants for under an oak, Dutchman's pipe



Pruning to let cherry keep its shaggy hairdo

Right: The natural fall and fluff of a weeping cherry is one of its charms. In this issue we show you how to keep the tree small but still charming.

Shear without thinning? Surely not!

Crabapple in cherry's clothing?

Troubled new plant's better moved than wished well

How to be sure oaks love blueberry

Matchmaking for perennials

Mentors speak: Weeds, apples, hosta

Gardener, share those divisions!

Why you shouldn't prune oaks!!!

In our garden, we're saving green tomatoes, digging graves, planting bare roots and bulbs...

Up and down to irrigation shut-down and aggravation build up