One shot, two misses!


Can't ever keep a good gardener down

In a recent email update to those who've supported our website work, we signed off with, "Hoping you're enjoying a winter respite!" Two quick replies told us this was a big miss!

First, from someone just checking in to his Southland winter quarters after closing his northern garden:


In the last two weeks having generated about 5 cu yards of pruning yard waste and moving 3 pallets of mulch it doesn't seem that winter respite is a term I can associate with right now. Thank God for the Fiskars pro model pole pruner! - D. -


And from a pro gardener and Master Gardener volunteer:


I've learned very quickly that 'winter' is really not a down time at all for gardeners! I never realized how much stuff you had to do when you couldn't work the soil. Great time for pruning, plucking, and planning!  AND cleaning and sharpening! Thank you both for teaching me... - B.M. -


 So here's to all that gardening energy, pent up in the North -- spend it wisely!


Does the gardener's focus and energy turn to this in December? (Top: Gingerbread extravaganza from Cleveland Botanical Garden winter show. Here: Snowpeople by P.P. in Farmington Hills, Michigan.) Is it the stifled Northern gardener syndrome?