Enjoy the low sunlight: Be a kid again


Trembling shadows on a wall nabbed the cat's eye

...and then we were hooked, too. The sight rustled up childhood memories, so old they had only images and no words. They may have come from an instance of being put down for a nap under protest, or sent too bed oh-so-early on a summer day.

It had been entertaining then to watch sunbeams, or light from passing headlights, come through the trees to play across the bedroom wall.

Plenty of fantastic stories can be woven around Nature's shadow shapes. Perhaps you know what cast these shadows. How about what might have cast them, in a child's imagination?


Right: Answer's here!

 ShadwOak2688s.jpg  Left: Answers's here!


A little touch of color in this one is a clue...  and then: Answer's here!



Answer's here!



Answer's here!



We wonder about weeping beeches, especially in winter. "How many little kids have been terrifed by those creepy shadows?"

 Thinking about what we might say to assure a child frightened by such a shadow, we imagine we'll show him how to make his own shadows as a counter-menace.


Answer's here (and it's not a mistake, where we send you. Look "sharp.")