Wintertime's fine to prune overambitious tree

Week before Christmas...

We did some just-in-time pruning to clip a crabapple back from 25 feet to 18.

To keep a plant small that wishes to be big, start pruning when it first reaches the desired size. Then, you can maintain it at that size with a 30 to 60 minute pruning session every two years. However, this tree had gone three or four years too far so we pleased to be able to bring it back down gracefully.

It was a gorgeous day for winter pruning but a rotten day for photos so you'll have to imagine this project as being like our other winter prune-downs... because it was! (See What's Coming Up #29) (Similar pruning of dwarf Japanse maples, at Dwarfs cut to size: Prune dwarf maples.)



How wonderful to be part of a community of people who go outdoors on 30 degree days, with several layers of clothes on and a scarf wrapped twice around the neck, then spread their arms and proclaim, "Isn't it just glorious to be out!" We love you! We want to continue with you-all forever!