What's Coming Up 65: fall color, leaves, bulb planting & storage, pruning, replanting trees

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 Division can cure daff decline

 Yew can take hard cut; can you?

 Shrubby cut-back candidates

 Old timers' speak: Leave the leaves

 Steven picks great red.. and yellow!

 Roses as facial work-out

 Expert afield at Arnold Arb

 Jack o'lantern makes final face

 Fall clean-up on jobs list

 Tulip tree talks: Water, please!

 How Janet's patched pants grow

 45 mph looks in to understory

 Yay for follow-up on beautyberry

Lift & replant that tree planted too deep
(How nifty: For illustrated proof of this item, see What's Coming Up 155)



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Abelia cut back hard WU65 Pg 4
Acer, maple
Acer triflorum, three-flower maple fall color WU65 Pg 7
Amelanchier, serviceberry/shadblow/Juneberry site WU65 Pg 10
Aronia, chokeberry fall color WU65 Pg 5
beautyberry, See Callicarpa
birds, hawk WU65 Pg 8
bulbs, cutting back foliage WU65 Pg 2
bulb, depth of planting WU65 Pg 2
bulb planting  WU65 Pg 8
Buxus, boxwood cut back hard WU65 Pg 4
Callicarpa bodnieri, Bodner's beautyberry
Callicarpa japonica WU65 Pg 11
Callicarpa, beautyberry pruning WU65 Pg 11
Canna storage WU65 Pg 9, 11
Carya, hickory fall color WU65 Pg 6
color copied from nature WU65 Pg 10
red and yellow WU65 Pg 5-6
Dahlia storage WU65 Pg 9, 11
design color taken from nature WU65 Pg 10
design, match plant to site WU65 Pg 1, 9
design for color WU65 Pg 5-6
dividing bulbs WU65 Pg 1-2
drainage, effect of poor drainage WU65 Pg 11
Euonymus cut back hard WU65 Pg 4
evergreens, test of cutting tactics WU65 Pg 3
fertilizer pumpkins as slow-release WU65 Pg 8
fragrance of fall leaves WU65 Pg 7
gardener's clothing, padded knee pants WU65 Pg 10Janet's patched pants WU65 Pg 10
gardens, public gardens, Arnold Arboretum, Jamaica Plain, MA WU65 Pg 7-8
Hamamelis virginiana, fall witchhazel fall color WU65 Pg 6, 10
hedges deciduous but effective in winter, WU65 Pg 4
Ilex, holly cut back hard WU65 Pg 4
Itea virginica, Virginia sweetspire fall color WU65 Pg 5
leaves, fall leaves as mulch WU65 Pg 5
lichen WU65 Pg 10
Lindera benzoin, spicebush site  WU65 Pg 10
Liriodendron tulipifera, tulip tree fall color WU65 Pg 6, 9
Liriodendron tulipifera, tulip tree preferred site WU65 Pg 9
Mahonia, grapeholly cut back hard WU65 Pg 4
mentors' advice to use fall leaves under shrubs WU65 Pg 5
mulch with fall leaves WU65 Pg 5
Narcissus  depth of planting WU65 Pg 2
Narcissus  dividing WU65 Pg 1-2
Narcissus fail to bloom WU65 Pg 1
Narcissus longevity WU65 Pg 2
Nyssa sylvatica, black gum fall color WU65 Pg 5
Oxydendrum arboreum, sourwood/lily of the valley tree, fall color WU65 Pg 5-6
perennials, fall clean-up WU65 Pg 8-9
planting depth, correcting too-deep WU65 Pg 9
pruning, cut back hard WU65 Pg 2-4
pruning a girdling root WU65 Pg 9
pruning timed to stimulate bushy growth WU65 Pg 3
pumpkins, memorable photo of cleverly carved Jack o'lanterns
Quercus, oak as effective hedge, WU65 Pg 4
quote about garden space, interests accumulated
quote by Graham Stuart Thomas, garden interests WU65 Pg 6
Rhododendron, cut back hard WU65 Pg 4
Rosa, rose as dangerous plant WU65 Pg 6-7
seasonal change, pumpkin/jack o' lantern displays WU65 Pg 1, 8
soil drainage WU65 Pg 11
sound of gardens sound evoke memories WU65 Pg 5
sound of rustling leaves WU65 Pg 7
Taxus, yew cut back hard WU65 Pg 2-3
Taxus, yew effect of poor drainage  WU65 Pg 11
transplanting perennials WU65 Pg 9
weeds, bindweed WU65 Pg 9
Weigela  cut back hard WU65 Pg 4

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