What's Coming Up 165: Spring blooms in winter, jade in trouble, orchids, yews, Alabama garden

Hints of spring and legality in gathering greens and re-housing tender plants... with their problems!


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Spring plants jump the gun

Jade goes downhill when it comes back indoors

Fungicide for indoor plants, artificial lighting, watering a succulent plant succulent

Cutting outdoor greens to decorate indoors, within the law

Holiday decorating ideas

Endangered plant lists

Yews are truly contrary, don't respect the pruning rules

Leaf thieves anonymous is on the wind

Love orchids? Less fertilizer.

Cranes make end of fall beautiful

Epiphyte? Lithophyte? Scrabbling to grasp the grex, feel the coriaceousness!

Migrating through Alabama, find a great garden to visit

Breaking ice, for the birds

Committing plant-icide!

Easement pruning and plant labels




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