What's Coming Up 148: Pruning: Cutting Back, Weeds' Good Side

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Divide a bleeding heart- Just do it, any time!

Bug-beating jacket keeps mosquito's and ticks at bay

Last cuts on spring shrubs: lilac, Weigela, Viburnum, spice bush

When harsh rose clips pay off

Sawflies making lace of leaves!

Deadhead annuals and spring blooming perennials for more flowers

How kelp helps

Essential uglies: Dead man's fingers

Weeping pine, too-big magnolia: Setting August pruning dates

Overlooked beauty: Catalpa

Catmint, used at 45 mph, abused at any rate?

Finding a good side to bad weeds

Pondering pesticide use

Butterflies in the garden

Who are Janet and Steven?

Call for input to a special issue for garden mentors