What's Coming Up 110: Watering, fall weeding, drought tolerance

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Water: Great, even late, pp. 1- 2
Shoot! Its a lilac! Pages 3 - 4 (Sneak peek)
Weeders beware : Don't ease up on weeds, page 5
Deweed and patch lawn, page 6
The fall shuffle: It's peak transplant time, pages 7 - 8
Critical watering tips, pp. 8 - 9
Compost the winner in 25 - 75 perennial split, page 9
Fast track to slow release fertilizer time, page 10
Shredding light on leaf reduction, pages 10 - 11
Preemie blooms can't wait for spring, page 11
Drought's silver lining, in your face, pp. 11 - 12
Weevil wars continu, page 12


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Allium senescens glaucum, curly chives  Pg 12
Amsonia ciliata, threadleaf bluestar  Pg 12
Aquilegia canadensis, columbine  Pg 12
Baptisia, false indigo
            drought tolerance  Pg 2
            growth rate and division  Pg 2, 9
            symbiotic root fungi  Pg 2
Belamcanda chinensis, blackberry lily  Pg 12
            drought tolerance  Pg 12
birds, starlings  Pg 6
Buddleia davidii, butterfly bush
                       drought tolerance  Pg 12
bulbs growth cycle  Pg 1
Camassia growth cycle  Pg 1
Campsis radicans, trumpet vine
            persistence key to removal  Pg 5
Carex muskingumensis, musking sedge  Pg 12
Caryopteris x clandonensis, blue mist spirea
                        drought tolerance  Pg 12
Catmint, Nepeta  drought tolerant designs, Pg 12

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Ceratostigma plumbaginoides, plumbago, leadwort
           drought tolerance  Pg 12
Crambe maritima, sea kale  Pg 12
difficult sites, dry sites  Pg 11-12
dividing fast growing perennials  Pg 9
            dominates memories of whole growing season  Pg 2
            drought tolerant plants  Pg 11-12

            early in season worse than later  Pg 2
            maintenance practice affected by drought  Pg 2, 13
            plants look burned still growing  Pg 1-2
Eupatorium perfoliatum, boneset
                        drought tolerance  Pg 3
            nutrient levels related to flowering time  Pg 11
            slow release  Pg 10
            fall   Pg 10
flowers and flowering
            premature spring bloom  Pg 11
Forsythia blooms prematurely in fall  Pg 1, 11
grass, medium sized ornamental species
                        Chasmanthium latifolium, northern sea oats
                                    drought tolerance  Pg 12
                        Sorghastrum nutans, Indian grass
                                   drought tolerance  Pg 12

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Helenium angustifolia, Helen's flower
           drought tolerance  Pg 12
Hemerocallis, daylily
            drought tolerance  Pg 12


            growth rate  Pg 9
            'Stella D'Oro'  Pg 10
Hibiscus syriacus, rose of Sharon  Pg 12
insects, beneficial insects
                        predatory nematodes  Pg 12
                        rove beetles  Pg 6
Iris pallida argenteo-variegata, zebra iris  Pg 12


           drought tolerance  Pg 12
Lavandula, lavender
            drought tolerance  Pg 12
            pests, sod webworm  Pg 6
            fall renovation  Pg 6
            weakened by drought  Pg 6, 13
leaves expendable after transplant  Pg 8
lilac, Syringa (flower buds pictured at right)
            blooms prematurely in fall  Pg 11
            flowering cycle begins late summer 
                  Pg 3-4

            stimulates growth elsewhere  Pg 7
            around new plant  Pg 8
            fall leaves  Pg 10-11
Nepeta, catmint
            drought tolerance  Pg 12
            Nepeta mussinii  Pg 12
obtaining plants, swaps
            gardeners give away excess  Pg 9-10
Paeonia, peony
            drought tolerance  Pg 12
Penstemon, beardtongue
            'Apple Blossom'  Pg 12
            drought tolerance  Pg 12
            cutting perennials back after drought  Pg 2, 12
            dividing perennials Pg 2, 9
            drought tolerant perennials Pg 11-12, 13
            fall growth important to perennials, underground growth in fall  Pg 1-2
            growth rate of perennials Pg 3
            naturalizing perennials Pg 12
            recognize perennials eyes set for next year  Pg 2
Perovskia atriplicifolia, Russian sage  Pg 12
pests, weevils  Pg 12
Philadelphus, mock orange,drought tolerance  Pg 12
photos worth remembering
            lilac flowering shoot inside the bud  Pg 4
plant family
            bean/legumes, symbiotic root fungi  Pg 2
plant growth cycles
            fall buds and shoots compressed  Pg 3-4, 5

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            test for life on drought defoliated plants  Pg 2
pruning after transplanting  Pg 7
            cutting back after drought  Pg 2, 12
            spare woody plants after drought  Pg 2
            Damon, Bertha Damon, fears of transplanting  Pg 5
            Durant, Wil & Ariel Durant, garden is in constant flux  Pg 13
            gardening is the most ephemeral art  Pg 13
            Reznicek, Tony Reznicek, the real trick with... tough plants  Pg 12
            killed... them in some spectacular ways  Pg 13
            weeding  has none of the doubts  Pg 5
Rhododendron and azalea blooms prematurely in fall  Pg 1, 11
            roots channel water to particular parts of canopy  Pg 7-8
            root growth stimulated by branch meristem  Pg 7
            roots and mycorrhizal fungi  Pg 2
            strong root growth in fall requires water  Pg 1-2
Salvia officinalis, cooking sage  Pg 12
Sedum spectabile, tall stonecrop  Pg 12
seed sowing in garden, sowing in place   Pg 12
            buds set despite drought  Pg 3
            dieback after transplant  Pg 8
            hold off pruning after drought  Pg 2
            transplanting  Pg 7-8
Solidago, goldenrod
            drought tolerance  Pg 12
            'Goldenmosa'  Pg 12
            'Little Lemon'  Pg 12
Stachys, lambs ear, big betony
            drought tolerance  Pg 12
            Stachys lanata, lambs ear,  Pg 12
            Stachys micrantha, big betony  Pg 12
Syringa, lilac
            blooms prematurely in fall  Pg 11
            flowering cycle begins late summer  Pg 3-4
Tellima grandiflora, fringecups  Pg 12

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            blower  Pg 13
            leaf shredder  Pg 10-11
transplanting  Pg 7-8
            hold off pruning after drought  Pg 2
Tsuga, hemlock
            transplanting  Pg 7
            blooms prematurely in fall  Pg 11
            transplanting  Pg 7
            Viburnum dentatum  Pg 7
            moisture in fall key to winter survival  Pg 1-2
            after transplanting  Pg 8-9
            time required to apply sufficient water  Pg 9
            watering ring most effective  Pg 8-9
weeds and weeding
            bindweed  Pg 5
            fall important weeding season  Pg 5
            less to do after drought  Pg 11
            oxalis  Pg 5
            quack grass  Pg 5
            repeated pulling and cutting starves root  Pg 5
            thistle  Pg 5
            blooms prematurely in fall  Pg 11
            encouraging spread in natural areas  Pg 12
            naturalized garden  Pg 12
winter damage
            fall drought contributes to winter loss  Pg 2

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