What's Coming Up 156: Rocky garden, overplanting, prune a sapling

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In this issue:

Rocky row: Design to use boulders; great plants for rock crevices
It'll get how big?! The roots of the overplanted landscape.
How to avoid overplanting
Pruning a young tree
Clean cuts: Why 3 cuts is best to subtract one limb (page 12, below)
Growing daylily from seed
Great expectations of seeds, plants and kids
Patented plants, personal use, and propagation

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Ajuga reptans 'Chocolate Chip', Ajuga reptans 'Pink Elf'
bellflower, Dalmatian bellflower, Campanula portenschlagiana, Campanula rotundifolia, Campanula carpatica
candytuft, Iberis sempervirens 'Little Gem'
Cheboygan, Michigan volunteer garden
children in gardens
clean cuts in pruningWU156Pg12.jpg
creeping Jenny,
   Moneywort, Golden coins, Lysimachia nummularia
creeping veronica,
   Veronica alpina
   Veronica prostrata

cut a limb in 3 steps
3 cut method to
   remove a large limb
3-cut method
3-cut pruning
three cut pruning
three cut method to
   remove a large limb

daylily grown from seed,

design assumption:
   owner will prune
design assumptions:
  about size expectations
design underestimated size of plants
designer may be unfamiliar with mature size of plant
designing for mature plant size, predicting mature plant size
disagreement about pruning decisions
dwarf burning bush bigger than expected, Euonymus alata 'Compacta'
dwarf plants bigger than expected
false rock cress, Aubrietia deltoidea
finding the right size plant
foot traffic affects plant selection
foundation plant bigger than expected
Japanese maple bigger than expected, coralbark Japanese maple size,  Acer palmatum 'Sango Kaku'
juniper, carpet juniper, Juniperus horizontalis
Juniperus chinensis 'Pfitzeriana' mature size
Lamium, deadnettle, Lamium maculatum
landscape plan for mature size
no paint on pruning cuts
overgrown landscape
phlox, moss phlox, creeping phlox, Phlox subulata
pinks, moss pinks, Dianthus gratianopolitanus
plan for mature size
planting tips for crevice garden
plants for rock garden, designing a crevice garden
pruning lower limbs from tree
redbud, Cercis canadensis variable mature size
redtwig dogwood, Cornus alba
removing lower limbs from tree
rocks as garden feature, planting to highlight rocks not hide them
rupturewort, Herniaria glabra
sandwort, Arenaria montana
sedum, Sedum 'Angelina', Sedum cauticola, Sedum dasyphyllum, Sedum kamschaticum, Sedum spathulifolium, Sedum spurium, Sedum rupestre, Sedum ternatum
shade affects mature size
shrubs bigger than expected
surprised by plants bigger than expected
Thyme, Thymus serpyllum, Thymus nitens, Thymus pseudolanuginosus
trees bigger than expected
tulip tree, Liriodendron tulipifera, Michigan Champion tulip tree
undercut limb
yew mature size, dense yew, Hicks yew, Taxus x media 'Densiformis', Taxus x media 'Densi', Taxus x media 'Hicksii'
zone 4 garden


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