What's Coming Up 174: Plant ideas, divisions, gardeners' olympics, zombie killers, steep slope, word puzzle

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Fritillaria's pretty but this week what we need to know is if its flowers are arranged as a raceme or a spike. See it in the interactive puzzle in this issue. 

As light increases, ideas grow: Foundation design, division, games, pruning a falsecypress, planting a steep slope

All articles published this week may be read by following the links below. However, this issue may also be downloaded as a package.

March forth with fresh eyes: Eyes open to plant ideas

Design: Thinking and creating deep foundations

Countdown to spring: Increasing beauty by division

Are we gardeners Olympic material? You bet!

Overgrown falsecypress is given a clip

Video game for gardeners: Plants dressed to kill... zombies!

Mistake on a slippery slope

Scrabbling puzzle: Play the game with tepal, sepal, petal...