What's Coming Up 130: February, Clean indoor Plants, Year-Round Garden


Light, bulbs go an all winter under snow

Handling a big indoor plant that needs a bath

Beyond soap: Getting geared up to spray pesticide

Splitting a fern's tough, whether indoor species or out

A winter-dry rosemary is toast.  Grower says "Please water them!"

Winter's here, so is cheer: In down time, gardeners rhyme

Winter storm prep and groundhog musings

Enjoy a year-round scents-ual garden

Praise for sugary snow, grumbles for drudgery of shopping


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A children's song of the 1880's (poem)
Bambi Stalks at Nightfall (poem)
Boston ferns
bringing rosemary inside
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bulbs sprouting
chickadee picture
clean indoor plants
crocus bulb
daffodil bulb
dividing Boston ferns
dividing sword ferns
fall clematis
Frank Harney
Gentle Hands (poem)
grape hyacinth
I Heard a Bird Sing in the Dark of December (poem)
Irresistible (poem)
Joyce Kilmer
Kay Neff
kousa dogwood
Margaret Jacobs
Muscari armeniacum
Nancy Cunningham
Nephrolepis cordifolia
Not Today, Anyway (poem)
Oliver Herford
pesticide protection
Rebekah Uselman
rhymes for a snowy day
shower for spider mites treatment
snow as mulch
Song of the Brook (poem)
spider mites
spider mites on weeping fig tree
spring bulbs
Supper-to-go (poem)
sword fern
Trees (poem)
tulip bulb
water rosemary in winter
weeping fig tree
year round garden


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