It's a double down on design

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It's a pretty composition, with 'Sum & Substance' hostas behind a bench, A weeping Atlas blue cedar next to it, tricolor beech above, and 'Burgundy Glow' ajuga in front. Yet what came first as we designed it was choosing and placing the bench, and laying out the path to reach it. 

Green thumbs down

To becoming so intent on plants that we forget gardens and landscapes must have people in them, or they fail.

Green thumbs down

To delaying the design work! It's January as we write this but it'll be spring in a blink. We need the designs done so we can search the plants, line up the help and pin down the options.








Even though we don't sit on a bench its invitation
to people is there. It colors perception of a garden.
This bench and its access path also make tending
the garden simpler, as a place to rest a bucket or tools,
and a way to reach the weeds.