Winter dealt us two balmy weeks but we say:

Green thumbs up

To the whiteness of real winter! Sure, it was nice while it was unusually warm to be able to do some things outdoors but ugh, how ugly it is when there's so much brown. We love the brightness of snow!

KiyoJump6983s.jpg  LabsVie6972s.jpg


Green thumbs down

To what warm winter made us face in the garage. Aghast, we've determined there must be wicked pixies or possessed possums visiting there at night. We couldn't have made such a mess.

Could we?


(Okay, Steven, let's have it. You said you would take a picture to show the horror of the garage without making us look like total sloths. Is the blank space here telling me you met your match? - Janet -)

(Janet I miss understood when and where you wanted the garage photo. I just posted it in the Forum under the topic of structures. Take a look and see if it's what you wanted.)