What's Coming Up 171: Flat-top fir, protect maple, photo quiz, popcorn plant, peat

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Weeping Alaska falsecypress (Chamaecyparis nootkatensis 'Pendula') certainly qualifies as a weepy tree, yet its sad state hasn't stopped it from becoming very popular throughout the U.S. 

Deformed fir and damaged maple catch the eye

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Flat top fir is fit to mend: Starts out with borers, many boring problems...

Another top lost: Roadside spruce fits the pattern

Yule protection for upfront maple

Puzzle time: Close focus, muddy fingered stumpers

Burly kind of scrabbling

Mentors: Who we want to be when we grow up

Popcorn plants fall flat in greenhouse

So many choices: Magnolia mania continues

Do you have the courage to prune a precious dwarf?

Assessing a plant's contributions

Planning to use the usual, unusually

Designing people into the landscape

 45mph creepy weepies

thumbs up to peat alternatives, down to squirrels




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