Popcorn plant cuttings poop out!

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They were popping along fine in Kent County's Master Gardener gardens* in Grand Rapids, Michigan this summer: Cassia didymobotrya, popcorn plant or peanut butter senna. So why are they duds in the greenhouse? 

Grower looks to peers for help

Here's a zone 9 plant that must come in for the winter, where our ancient plant encyclopedia advises, "keep it almost dry.... perfect drainage." Could its need to remain dry mean the plant is prone to fungus infections of the stems when it's not growing actively? If so, that might be an answer for a problem being discussed in the Forum:

I work at a greenhouse and we are having problems growing Popcorn Plant from cuttings. Do you have any info? The cuttings look droopy. Maybe too much misting or not enough, not hot enough or too hot... Looking for suggestions. - D.D. -








*Master Gardener program display
and demonstration gardens -- some of
our favorite places to see wonderful
plants and meet great people.