Authentic Japanese garden in Birmingham Alabama


Dear Janet & Steven,

On the way back north we stopped off to see the Birmingham Botanical Gardens in Birmingham, Alabama. We ...were just looking to take a travel break and stretch our legs... we (found) a very amazing place containing one of the best Japanese Gardens we have seen in the U.S. ...something to add to your to do list if you haven't seen it.

                                                 Dennis & Carole Groh

Dennis and Carole Groh specialize in conifers, Japanese maples and fall color in their Michigan garden, and bring home ideas when they travel.

Photos on this page Copyright 2011 Dennis Groh


Above, right: The meditation garden in Birmingham Botanical Gardens.


The Torii, a traditional kind of gate that would be the entrance to a Shinto shrine.



This is Toshin-an, built by an 8th-generation Miyadaiku (temple and shrine builder).



The stroll garden is truly a great place to stretch your legs.



This pavilion houses the bonsai collection.

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