Meadow rue, the Thalictrum species

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A meadow rue's individual flowers are tiny but the overall mass is powerful. The plants are dioecious, meaning a given plant sports only male (pollen producing) or female (seed producing) flowers. Since the stamens (male parts) are the showiest feature of a Thalictrum blossom and since the pollen is windborne, meadow rues that are most attractive may also be the most trouble for hay fever sufferers. 

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Above: Lavender mist meadow rue (Thalictrum rochebrunianum) is a late blooming, very tall species with flowers to match its name.
Right: One of our first meadow rue experiences was with this tall, continent-wide native called purple meadow rue (T. dasycarpum, named not for its bloom but for the stem color). We brought a plant home from a moist place on Great Uncle Axel's property, an act that elicited good natured sneers from Great Uncle Eldon about digging up "weeds." Eldon's assessment was also accurate -- the plant's persisted in our mostly-wild garden for decades by popping up where it will.

Most Thalictrum plants are happiest in cool, moist situations and some want to be in an open wooded spot, so look for a place with mid-afternoon shade that fends off the hottest sun.

Other meadow rues we love:
Thalictrum glaucum
, (a.k.a. T. speciossisimum) with yellow flowers in late spring and gorgeous blue green foliage. 4'

Thalictrum minus, a smaller version of purple meadow rue, 18" tall, with delicate lacy foliage.

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