Pigsqueak, of the Bergenia species

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Pigsqueak (Bergenia cordifolia, taking its name from the noise a skilled Bergenia3049.jpgpractitioner can make by rubbing a leaf between thumb and forefinger) is useful as an evergreen groundcover for late fall and early spring interest. The foliage develops plum or maroon color for winter, and new glossy green leaves develop as the spring bloom finishes.

Right: Bergenia cordifolia in bloom. Varieties have been selected for deeper pink- and near-white flowers as well as for larger leaves.

Bergenia cordifolia may be the most hardy pigsqueak (USDA zone 3) but B. crassifolia from Siberia and B. purpurascens from the Himalayas are hardy to zone 4 and split the prize for the deepest purple winter color.

Gardeners in USDA zone 6 can grow the most floriferous garden pigsqueak, B. ciliata.

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