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The ruffled or "pinked" edge of the petal might be the origin of Dianthus' common name. Tailors use pinking shears to make such a cut, its purpose to limit ravelling along the edge of raw fabric.

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Many Dianthus are blue-green grassy evergreens, quite a few bloom with the fragrance of cloves, and all require perfect drainage especially during winter.


Dianthus flowers are pink, red, white, ocasionally yellow and variations. The perennial species are mat formers that are especially happy lappping over rocks.

One of our favorite pinks came from a cross between a perennial and an annual Dianthus species. Dianthus x allwoodii inherited the short stature of the perennial and the non-stop bloom of the annual. It is reasonably hardy in zone 5, where we sometimes enjoy a planting for several years at a stretch. 

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