Sage, hardy ornamental species of Salvia

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Salvia Potpourri

Salvia is a huge genus in an enormous family (the mints). A great many of the species are perennial but not hardy north of zone 7, yet that still leaves a good number for northern perennal gardeners.Salvia1442.jpg

The zone 4-5-6 gardener can start with belly button plants -- everyone's got one! -- such as the sub-shrub cooking sage (Salvia officinalis, zone 5) and ornamental purple sages (zone 4 S. sylvestris, S. superba and S. nemerosa) to the less used silver sage (S. argentea, a biennial), whorled sage (S. verticillata, zone 5) and that late blooming blue beauty, S. azurea (zone 5).

Hummingbirds zero in on sages of all kinds. Rabbits, deer and slugs usually leave then alone.

Right: Ornamental sage Salvia nemerosa.


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