Insider tour: Big Apple's a big garden!

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Winter's arrived... Can't garden? Can entertain! This guy does both with great flair. 

Gardener fills every season with beauty, energy

Recently we heard from you-all that gardeners do not get a respite, not in December (and maybe never). You told us about all the things you do in winter. We thought you'd relate to how this energetic gardener uses his off-season energy:


Dear Janet & Steven,

Lobby party! We did it last night. Only about 100 showed up! Usually more.

                                                 Tom Cathey

Thomas Cathey is an artist who gardens in New York City. When he's not throwing holiday parties for a whole tower-full of people, he keeps Steven and Janet grounded in what it takes to garden 22 stories above ground. This year his emails and his Tom's Eye blog ( had insights on garden weddings, gardening in a hurricane, the beauty of wax scale, crape myrtle envy and more.

CatheyBambooBlog.jpg Seeing the gardens of the Big Apple through the eyes of an artist, what a treat.

Below: Imagine living nearby such a guy, not knowing he's a gardener if your windows don't look out to his garden. Would you recognize the gardener-in-winter-mode after you accepted an invite to his holiday party, and saw this?



Below: On this part of Tom's terrace, we've been entertained by hummingbirds from Central Park who come up for a snack. We also stopped counting at 17 patios and rooftops that are his next-door neighbor gardeners. With so much experience to draw on -- and peek into! -- we'd expect him to succeed but what he's created and captured in container gardens goes far beyond simple success.


Be sure to check out his own garden, which appears in his blog in articles such as  My Terrace. (