When can a seed grow into the NBC peacock?

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Rose petals and mums, individually placed by volunteers! 

Tons of tiny petals, days of detail

Michigan gardener makes it to the Rose Bowl (parade)!

Hello Janet and Steven,

I did it, I helped make a Parade of Roses float. They really do it, use individual petals, seeds. You can't begin to appreciate how much labor goes into it unless you see it first hand!

I also made it into their "History" album on the City of Burbank float site. Take a look, that's me on the right!

Margot McCormack

p.s. The potato wall wasn't one I worked on but I knew you'd get a kick out of seeing it.

RoBowTbl593.jpg  RoBwlLtrs588.jpg

 Margot's in blue, standing on the right.

RoBowCone641.jpg  RosBThAll601.jpg