Fall gardening is fun, not cold!

Some of the best help you can give yourself is to stay out in the garden longer in fall and go out earlier in spring. Work you do early and late stays done longer and gives plants a better leg up on the next growing season.

Cold? Not really. The toughest part of working early or late in the year is talking yourself into going out. Once out and moving, it's both warm and fun.

Just take a look at one cold day in November at our Detroit Zoo Adopt-a-Garden. (It's the day we buried the fig tree for winter.) We are all wearing two, three and four layers of clothing on this November day but there's a fun story playing out in every face!

Reducing the spread of ribbon grass. Never a dull moment:


Laughter attracts people


More people, more fun


Okay as long as we're together, let's get a picture


Be serious, now!




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