New, low perspective can beat pests

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Clue: Cool place to hole up. 

If you want to beat them, try to imagine being them. That's how I know where they are and which way they jump when I go to catch 'em!

- Irene Grossman -

masterful flower gardener who succeeded even on the cut-through corner lot in a neighborhood teeming with kids


Here, in honor of Irene Grossman, we give you

A bug's eye view

Do you recognize these common garden objects when viewed from the angle of tiny creatures who dwell in nether regions?

As you take the pest's angle, do any helpful insights occur?

Our answers here. We'd also love to hear from you what you see in the bug's view!


Clue: Half the care, twice the damage!

PrungTearQN3226a.jpg  RakeTinesN3222as.jpg

                                           Clue: Surely the pest would see this with furrowed brow.


Clue: Tough to get a grip                                       Our answers here.