Quotes: Fertilizer

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The old saying about a footprint means, "Be there." No matter the type or amount of fertilizer, the gardener's presence, attention and thought is key. 

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The farmer's best fertilizer is in his footprint.

- Anonymous -  
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If people want to fertilize early to beef up a thin or pale lawn, they should use a slow release fertilizer.

- Mary Wilson, Michigan State University Extension -
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From a market garden, one would send the cart to town with produce and it would come back loaded with manure and night soil. This was an important exchange for both a garden in need of fertilizer and a town where a large number of horses and other livestock were housed. 

- Royal Horticultural Society Dictionary of Gardening: Kitchen Garden -


In the country livestock wandered and droppings were scattered, a desirable enrichment in the fields. In the town, manure accumulated in stables and was scooped from streets.

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