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Even a flower gardener who chants "down with lawn" will stop and smile at that scent of new mown hay.

- Janet -

"Lawn" is derived from land, Danish; lawn, Welsh; lande, French

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 Lawn is essential restful, walkable space in a landscape.

"Lawn" was defined as  1. An open space between woods.

Johnson's Dictionary, 1755
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 Above: Deutzia bushes bloom, but what would they be without that emerald green foreground?

Green is the colour of life.

- Christopher Lloyd -



...crabgrass is aptly descriptive of this hated weed, for it does scuttle quickly through a lawn.CrabgrWeeds0017s.jpg

- Allen Lacy,    
in The Gardener's Eye    
and Other Essays    







...my attempts at a lawn. Twice have we had the ground carefully dug up, and prepared; twice it has been sown with the best English seed... at considerable expense; ...and the end of all the trouble has been that a strong nor'wester has blown away both seed and soil, leaving only the hard, un-dug ground. ...there are the croquet things, lying idle in the verandah... they are likely to remain unused for ever.

- Bee Dawson, in A History of Gardening in New Zealand -
see What's Coming Up #111


Sure, as garden makers we rip up lots of sod. But as designers we know nothing else sets off a bed so beautifully as a surrounding of lush lawn.

- Janet -

LawnXmas3140s.jpg LawnSumr5325s.jpg

 Winter or summer, lawn provides restful space and continuity.