Camera won't focus, or maybe photog is missing the key!

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Ah well, at least when we realize what we've overlooked, we find out we aren't the only one. 

Whyizzit, that we should have to read the instructions? Everything's there right in front of our nose, after all...

This week Janet and M.S. found out they had both used their cameras for years without realizing its potential.

It began this way, wondering about better close-up cameras:

I would like to take close-up pictures of flowers. Right now I have a small Coolpix digital camera and I know I need a bigger one to take better pictures but I don't know what to buy.  I don't want to spend a whole lot of money. Can I get a fairly good camera for 2-$300?  If so, what do you suggest? -- M. S. -

Good question and one we'd like to know how others answer, too! So we're posting it on our Forum. (If you've created your free membership there, we'll make the election for you to get a buzz from our computer every time there's new information posted there in reply.)

Sure, some cameras with certain lenses might do more for you but you may want to give your current camera a second chance. Janet had her Coolpix for two years before realizing she could hold the zoom button down and go to macro.

She says, "I knew to press that wide (W) and tight (T) toggle to zoom. But I never in the first years kept my finger on that button long enough to realize the yellow bar would go past the vertical white line, into a Macro setting. The day I noticed it I laughed about being so impatient all that time. It's only a spit second pause the yellow bar makes, as if to ask, 'Are you sure you want to gothatclose?' I just never gave the camera the chance. Now I know it and I can shoot very close."

If the camera won't focus in Macro, move the camera itself further from your subject, because it operates within a certain focal distance. Or try angling for a plainer background, since the camera seems to want to focus on the highest contrast item, too. Watch for the camera to give you the green light and show you your subject in focus.

Oh! I see! And now, here's something more to laugh at -- I never noticed the green light before! - M. S. -


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