The 45mph garden


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You can put a gardener behind the wheel...

...but you can't take the flowers out of his eyes.

In this department, we look at what catches driver's eyes and raises questions week by week, and wander off-road into what we can learn there.


Right, the Catalpa tree (C. speciosa) sports big, fragrant flowers when many others trees are done and gone to green. It catches the eye!

Below: Sassafras creates a three-color glow.


Below, left to right: fruit-bearing crabapples light up a winter drive; witchhazels cause doubletakes in January.

CrabOrmistonRoy2221s.jpg  WithchzlNIlex_086s.jpg 

Whoa! Two color crabapples get even more attention.  

WU41_2ColorCrab0809s.jpg Tardiva45mphN6301.jpg

 Above: Late blooming shrubs with big flowers like this 'Tardiva' panicle hydrangea may get the most attention of all because they're fresh color when summer's gone stale. See the Ensemble Edition What's Coming Up 106 for the tale of this beauty in that issue's 45 mph department.