45mph Spring Tour

What a terrific and terrible spring! To have so much blooming at once is gorgeous but "spending our April and May color" ahead of time. Hope you're enjoying it. It's all we can do.

(Except for the extreme close-ups in this photo tour, you're looking at these plants as we shot them, from the road.)


Above: Harry Lauder's Walking Stick. (Note to D.S.: We really didn't drive into your yard to take this photo.)


Above: Ornamental cherry, quite likely a Sargent cherry.

RedMaps6708.jpg  RedMap6709.jpg  

Above: Red maples which are colorful because of the old flowers and newly developing seeds.                       RedMapFlrSd6809.jpg

Norway6710.jpg  NorMap6734.jpg  NorFlwr6729.jpg

Above: Norway maples. Usually they bloom later, when there is so much new foliage around on neighboring plants, that their blooms pass for another tree leafing out  yellow-green. Coming this early, they are striking people as "What is that yellow blooming tree?!"

Brad6717.jpg  Bradfords6739.jpg  Brads6733.jpg

Above: Callery pears, so wide in form that they are most likely the variety Bradford.

Mag6720.jpg  ShadeMag6819.jpg

Above: Saucer magnolia                                          See these magnolias plus frost...


Above: Pear tree (left) and red maple (right)

Will6724.jpg  WeepWillow6751.jpg

Above: Weeping willow

Servber6730.jpg  ServFlwr6401.jpg

Above: Serviceberry


Above: Weeping cherry


Above: Ornamental cherry, probably a 'Kwanzan' type.


Above: from left to right weeping cherry (probably a 'Pendula' on a short standard), saucer magnolia, Norway Maple


Above: Newport plum


Above: What's your guess?

Redbud6781.jpg  RedBud6784.jpg  RedBudFlwr6496.jpg

Above: Red Bud

Quince6774.jpg  05QuinceFlwr7338.jpg

Above: Quince


Above: Sugar maple

BoxElder6789.jpg  BoxFlwr6790.jpg

Above: Box elder maple

StrMagWpCher6840.jpg  StarMag6814.jpg

Above: Star magnolia

CalleryPears6842.jpg  CalFlwr6389.jpg

Above: Callery pear different from Bradford with a more upright shape.