Prune mulberry feed giraffe


It had rained all night and more rain was forecast, so we seriously considered calling off the zoo work day. The other volunteers wouldn't mind!

Are we glad we didn't miss the day.

We walked into the garden with our pole pruners just as the giraffe's keeper came by to collect some mulberry.

"What luck! We're pruning it today! Where should we put the branches for you?"

As it turned out we got to put it right into the giraffe's mouth.

Enjoy the fun!

You can download these photos; just click on the link following the caption. Those of you who were there might like higher resolution copies; just email to let us know which ones to send to you.

Oh -- and we also got a lot of gardening done, from rescuing the Helen's flowers from rot to measuring a hilly garden for  new design, to restraining roses and removing shade perennials from places gone sunny with tree loss!


Ready to prune this overgrown mulberry N8288.jpg Left to right: Lorraine Varns, Ward Varns, Sandy DesJardin (seated, front), Judy Storrs, Michele Armstrong, Phil Gigliotti, Debi Slentz, Dawn Miller (kneeling), Debi Slentz, Mary Topf, Susan Campbell, Karen Thompson, Shelley Welch.

ABitGoofyN8300.jpg CarriedAwayN8304.jpg

Above, left: We planned just to thin it but got an offer on the clippings that made us a Bit Goofy. N8300.jpg  Above, right: Maybe we were even carried away (don't tell that we did this). N8304.jpg

DeliverLunchN8305.jpg LOTSofLunchN8306.jpg

You see, we had been invited to deliver lunch to a neighbor. N8305.jpg A neighbor who needs LOTS of lunch. N8306.jpg

HurryDontBeLateN8307.jpg EVERYbodyCAMEN8308.jpg

Come on gardeners! Hurry, don't be late, it's just down the way past the bears. N8307.jpg   EVERY gardener came to this luncheon. N8308.jpg

ToSeeThemComeToDineN8311.jpg WhereAREtheyN8316.jpg

Waiting to see the neighbors come to dine. N8311.jpg  Excited as waiting for royalty to appear at the balcony: Where ARE they?! When will they come?! N8316.jpg

YouSeeAllHoofedMammalsN8323.jpg ComeToMulberryN8329.jpg

Keeper explains, "No worries. You see, all hoofed mammals..." N8323.jpg  ...will come to eat mulberry."  N8329.jpg

JustHoldItLikeSoN8332.jpg LetHimStripTheLeavesN8333.jpg

"Just hold the branch like so and..." N8332.jpg   "...let him strip the leaves." N8333.jpg


Kristen and Jackson serve a branch. He's 10 months old. N8346.jpg

KristenAndJacksonN8347.jpg HoldTightHeStripsItN8351.jpg

Kristen and Jackson's adoption just became official. N8347.jpg "Hold tight, he pulls hard as he strips the leaves." N8351.jpg

HeSureDoesN8353.jpg SmileLongLineN8356.jpg

He sure does! N8353.jpg  Behind the servers: It's a smile-long line waiting with more offerings. N8356.jpg

ButZoosAreForKidsN8357.jpg KristenAndJacksonN8358.jpg

But Zoos are for kids so we just wait... N8357.jpg  ...let Kristen and Jackson have lots of time. (Besides, it's pure fun just to watch them!)  N8358.jpg


This guy's strong but gentle N8359.jpg

DoYouSeeAllThoseKidsN8364.jpg KidsofMANYagesN8360.jpg

Oh, oh. Do you see them fidgeting, all those other "kids?"  N8364.jpg  You know, there are Kids of MANY ages! N8360.jpg


Shelley says, "Here, Sir, we cut these just for you" N8362.jpg


It's a day we hope to remember. And hope he will, too. N8365.jpg

SoMuchFunN8368.jpg WeWontLetGoN8371.jpg

So much fun... N8368.jpg ...we promise we won't let go of this memory.  N8371.jpg


"Oooo, my grandbabies should be here!" N8374.jpg

DontEatSoFastN8375.jpg DelightfulN8377.jpg

Manners! Don't eat so fast! N8375.jpg  Oh, go ahead... this is delightful N8377.jpg

PhilsTechniqueN8383.jpg WeCanCutYouMoreN8388.jpg

Phil shows us his technique. N8383.jpg  Reserved, as usual, he says, "Wait here we can cut you more... do you want one tree or two?" N8388.jpg


Dawn's turn. N8398.jpg

NoFresherFoodN8400.jpg MoreOfTheBigKidsN8411.jpg

Like most zoos, this one has a 100% re-use policy, no "yard waste." Use the greens: No fresher food. (And they gave the larger trunks to the porcupines to strip the bark!)  N8400.jpg   More of the big kids, aren't they cute? N8411.jpg

MightaBeenARainOutN8419.jpg GladJustToBeThereN8414.jpg

We're all glad just to be there. N8414.jpg  Just think, this mighta been a rain out, we could be home dusting shelves. N8419.jpg

MaryServes3rdCourseN8422.jpg Of12CourseMealN8425.jpg

As Mary serves the 3rd course... N8422.jpg ...of this 12- or 20 course meal... N8425.jpg


Lorraine's on deck. N8428.jpg


Giraffe seems to  smile, "Mmmm mighty tasty branch, Julie!" N8432.jpg

NowKarensOnDeckN8433.jpg YallComeBackNowN8440.jpg

Now Karen's on deck N8433.jpg  When we say, "Let's go finish the garden," the giraffe drawls, "Y'all come back now!" N8440.jpg


Well, no, not really. But we did yield the floor... N8445.jpg

NewRespectForMulberryN8446.jpg the giraffe appears to plant a kiss on the new server. We leave with a new respect for mulberry. N8446.jpg