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We've geared this blackeye Susan to go blue as support builds for continued publication of a PDF magazine. That magazine has all the subjects in each week's What's Up news. Help the flower change color - Sponsor the magazine! 

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However, some readers enjoy an additional rendering of the news...

...the PDF Magazine version of What's Coming Up.

Perhaps you would, too. To decide, take a look at our magazine format so you can compare it to the on-line news articles. A magazine will be posted for download with each issue of the e-Summary, beginning in mid-September with issue #189.  (Download issue #189.) This opportunity comes to you through the generosity of our readers.

For three years we produced our news in magazine format and delivered it to readers as a PDF file. We saw this as a temporary measure, a way to share the news until we had our website up.

Now we're publishing on the site but many readers have said, "Don't drop the PDF magazine!"

Is the PDF magazine better than the website articles? Nope, just presented differently. 

Do you, too, like to capture all the news in one download...

...perhaps to print and share it with friends who are not on-line? Then please take a look at the magazine versions that will be made available alongside the e-Summaries issues #190 - #200. That's from now until New Year 2013 that magazines will be available to everyone, and it's thanks to the generosity of readers who've Sponsored to cover the cost of its production. Their reasons for doing that are listed on this page.

To continue the magazine beyond the New Year, we need more Sponsors for it, at the $30 level. Will you help? Become a Sponsor, and specify "continue PDF magazine" on your pledge.

We'd like to see it continue. We enjoy the magazine version, for many of the reasons readers have listed on this page. Yet we are committed to maintaining the site, we are already devoting all our free time to this labor of love and couldn't double-publish unless we farm out some work.RudbGoBlu5_7657s.jpg

So we've geared this Rudbeckia to track Sponsorship of the magazine. The petals will change color and all of them will be blue when the magazine has sufficient Sponsorship to carry it through an additional 12 months. That level of support will cover the magazine's production costs and also the cost of administering paid subscriptions at a lower rate, probably 50 cents per issue.

Readers explain their preferences for the PDF Magazine format of What's Up news: me a copy that I can file and refer back to whenever I need it. I have three binders of What's Up that I refer to. - J.T. -

Although I love the website to find information, I don't love reading things on my computer screen. Because so much of my job involves computer work, reading from the web seems too much like work. - K.N. -
I like the old form better.  I am not very good with the computer. - M.H. -

I travel constantly & have no internet access except at a public library for only 1/2 hr-1 hr. So I need to download/save your current mag wirelessly to read on my own personal computer later. - C.N. -

I miss being able to read an entire issue rather than jumping back and forth to find my way around.  The web site is great, though, in being able to access past info on needed topics. - C.B. -

I'm old school and prefer paper in my hand... - C.G. -

...I miss being able to print the... newsletter and read it while eating my breakfast the morning it arrives! - S.P. -

I thought I didn't need to subscribe - just read on line.  However, after printing out two pruning articles plus saving the impatiens article, I decided an electronic subscription that I can store and access on my computer was the way to go. - S.S. -

 Readers who have Sponsored continuation of the magazine...

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Maurita Holland

Bridget Hughes

Sona K

Susan Kubek

Joan Morgan

Priscilla and Paul Needle

Kay Neff

Karen Norman

Edie O'Byrne

Sue Pepper

Deb Poffenberger

Barbara Porzondek

Nancy and David Randall

John Ricco

Georgejean Ridley

Kay Ann Schmid

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John Turchin

Rita Weisiger

Mary Wettergen

Pat Wierzbicki

And, some anonymous by request