What's Coming Up 35: Dried flower wedding, cool hard cuts on weeping mulberry

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Dry is beautiful: Everlasting flowers Pg 1- 3

Best everlasting flowers for blue, purple and silver wedding

Don't be suckered by weeping cherry, page 4

Hose that congested conifer! Page 5

Hydrangea how-to for confused clippers, pages 6-7 (see an excerpt)

Rejuvenation pruning, annual event for shrubs, page 7

Mulberry's spring look: Naked! Pages 8-9 (see an excerpt)

Garden center cut-ups and first aid

Index of all topics in this issue



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Ageratum houstonianum, flossflower, blue ageratum  Pg 2
annual flowers, compact forms favored in breeding  Pg 3
Artemisia, Pg 2
capers, vegetable flower, Pg 5
Chamaecyparis obtusa, Hinoki falsecypress  Pg 5
Chamaecyparis pisifera, threadleaf falsecypress  Pg 5
Chamaecyparis, old needles build up in interior  Pg 5
Consolida ajacis, larkspur  Pg 2
Delphinium  Pg 4
dried flowers, everlasting, color change in drying  Pg 1-3
dry flowers, purple and silver  Pg 1-3
evergreen needle shed, messy build up  Pg 5
evergreens, showering in spring  Pg 5
Forsythia pruning,  Pg 7
fragrance and fragrant plants,  Pg 2
garden centers' educational efforts,  PG 10
Grass Roots Nursery, Scott Bates, New Boston, MI Pg 10
Groh, Dennis Groh American Conifer Society  Pg 5
Heavenly Scent herb farm, Fenton, MI Pg 3
herbs, herb farms, Pg 3
Hydrangea arborescens, snowball, Annabelle Pg 6
Hydrangea macrophylla, blue mophead hydrangea, doesen't bloom Pg 6-7
Hydrangea paniculata panicle hydrangeaPg 6
Hydrangea quercifolia, oakleaf hydrangea Pg 6 Below, right, excerpt from this issue:
Hydrangea serrata, lacecap, Pg 6
Hydrangea, pruning different types Pg 6


Limonium latifolium,
   sea lavender  Pg 2
Limonium sinuatum,
   annual statice  Pg 2
Lonicera, honeysuckle, pruning 
   Pg 7
memorable photographs,
   weeping cherry suckers Pg 4
pests, wood borers controlled
   by pruning Pg 7
mulberry, weeping tree pruning
   Pg 8-9, 14
planting, years until harvest
   cut or dried flowers Pg 3
prune late spring blooming
   shrubs, Pg 7
pruning Sambucus elderberry
   Pg 7
pruning shrubs/bushes  Pg 6-7

Psylliostachys, dried flower Pg 2

quiz, puzzle, game, which flower
   buds eaten as human food Pg 7

quotes, Benjamin Franklin,
   weatherwise... otherwise  Pg 5
quotes, Burdette Chapman,
   plant every one Pg 4
quotes, envy the gardener with
    a restricted plot of ground Pg 5
quotes, Roy Barrette, discourages foolishness Pg 5
quotes, Thornton Wilder, money is like manure, Page 5
reasons to prune/clip/thin bushes, trees and others, control insect problems Pg 7
removing suckers from trees Pg 4
Salvia farinacea, mealycup sage/blue bedding salvia Pg 2
seeds and seed starting, sources, finding specific species or color seed Pg 2-4
seminars offered by garden centers  g 10
shrubs, rejuvenation pruning Pg 7
suckers from roots or trunk Pg 4
Sunshine Farm and Garden herbs, Commerce Twp., MI Pg 3
suworowi, dried flower Pg 2
Swallow's Nest herb farm Pg 3
Tender Crop Farm, Newbury, Massachusetts Pg 3
trees, fast growing weeping trees and shrubs, Pg 8-9, 14
trees, use 500 gallons water Pg 5
Viburnum dentatum, arrowwood Pg 7
water and watering as control for diseases and pests Pg 5
wedding flowers from your garden Pg 1-3
weeping cherry, Prunus, removing straight suckers Pg 4
weeping mulberry, pruning illustrated, severe cut back Pg 8-9, 14
Weigela pruning Pg 7
Yule Love It lavender and herb farm, Leonard, MI Pg 3