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They aren't only names on a list, they're faces we know and hands who have helped, as here at one of our Detroit Zoo Adopt-A-Gardens. From left: Julia Moncecchi, Michele Armstrong, Susan Campbell, Anne Crimmins, Gail Anderson, Keith Heraty and Janet take a breath atop they wall they just built. (Some others vamoosed when the camera appeared: Paul and Priscilla Needle, for instance, are currently invisible, rock solid support!) 

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A gardener: Coreopsis

A Lansing gardener: composites, native blooms

Marilyn Alimpich: Reminders about what to do each week,
       pruning weeping mulberry

Kelly Allen: Prune to keep a tree small

Diana Anderson

Jo Andes:  Orange tree

Michele Armstrong: Hemlock failure, Tree planting, leaf problem diagnosis

Mary Arnberg: pruning rules

Association of Professional Gardeners: purple flowering trees, copper myth

Amy B.: orchids

Dorothy B.: lawn repair & reclaiming weedy beds

J. B.:  Path surfaces

Marcia B.: Fall leaves

Phyllis B: Springtime barrage of questions

Susan B.: cut viburnum

Virginia B.: Pruning for wattle fencing, poinsettia care

Cherry Lee Baker: Magazine in PDF format

Cindy Bakken: arborvitaes bent from snow 

Lynn and Frank Balog: Delphinium

Sandra Bauer: disappointing landscape design

Carol Bennett: newsletter

CGB: Black walnut-compatible plants, pruning barberry, 1/3 pruning rule

Diane Bomba: coral bells

Laura Bostick: Magazine in PDF format

Caroline Bristol: Padded knee pants

Nancy Brumm: Magazine in PDF format

Connie & Gino Bruni: Garden to rejuvenate the soul

Susan Budrys: Lilies, weevils; fast answers in spring

Deborah Burling: Magazine in PDF format

Dan Burns: poinsettias, jade cut back

Alaine Matherly Bush: Fall color

Pat Byler: Pruning magnolia

D.C.:  Pruning holly

Maeve C: Perennial bed renewal

Gena Calkins: Pest identification

Margo Campbell: Magazine in PDF format

Susan Campbell: Pruning tangled weeping mulberry

Barb & George Carley: Bearded iris hardiness, division, problems;

Maggie Carrao: Goldenrod

Shirley Casler: Magazine in PDF format

Burdette Chapman: Dried flowers,

David Colburn: Front yard landscape design, Deciding what to cut

Lee Collins: Heliopsis

Judith Condon: Magazine in PDF format

Dani Connolly: Jade In, Crab Out

Paula Crafton: focal points

Beaufort Cranford

Nancy Crawford: Growing vegetables

Lynn Cummings: Design

Joan Curran & Roger Ellsworth: Damn deer!

Marilyn Dailey

Gretchen Denton: Scents, Magazine in PDF format,

Carol DeVries: Magazine in PDF format

Diane: Pruning guide

Rita Dunlop: Magazine in PDF format, container planting

Cindy E.: improve soil, weeding

Lynne E.: Vine Clematis and honeysuckle

Audrey Eaton: Foxglove

Kongsaeng Chris Everson: Keeping up in tough times, gardeners' philosophy of life

Bill Eyler: Fig tree winters zone 5

Michael & Ann Feeney: Bulb planting tips, Bulbs planted late, Good guy grubs

Pat Fix: more light under trees

Mary Fizzell: balloon flower/Platycodon; ornamental grasses' spring cut;

Dian Flynn: Magazine in PDF format

Paula Fraser: Fabulous foliage

Gina Frasson-Hudson: Magazine in PDF format

Linda Galante: Magazine in PDF format

Nancy Giordano: potting mix, brown leaved houseplants, rose pruning

Sally Gleason: Fall garden care and leaf color

Jean Gramlich: Magazine in PDF format

Judy Graham: Natives 100, Invasives 0!

Deb Green: Mysterious wilt, sedum trouble, soil borne disease

Carol Greer: Magazine in PDF format

Dennis and Carole Groh: Dwarf conifers, 'Alaska' falsecypress as a holiday tree; weeping white pine rescue,

Denny Gross: Sexy holly, Magazine in PDF format,

Carol Grubba: Wildflowers

Kay H: Why plants die over winter

Carol Hannah: Gayfeather

Mary Harlan: Thumbs Up selection- No slow Ginko

Marion Harris: Quick fixes in late summer

Linda Harrison: Leaves hung on

Chris Henige: Magazine in PDF format

Janet Hetherington: Big Mistake, Big Lesson, Yew Grew!

Cynthia Hilling: Timeliness

Eric Hofley

Pamela Hoffman: Landscape design advice

Maurita Holland: Magazine in PDF format

Kerry Holley: Garden By Janet & Steven, Move a magnolia

Virginia Howcroft: loppers, pruning tools

Libby Howting: overwatering, sprout seeds

Mary Hrynik:  Transplanting large junipers

Bridget Hughes: Magazine in PDF format

Patricia Hyland: Houseplants, water temperature

Tamara Infusino: Suckers from tree roots and trunk

Judy Jacobs:  Green Thumbs Up, Green Thumbs Down!, childrens' garden plants

Kathy James: transplant weeping mulberry, houseplant care

Sue Janczarek: cut out winter damage

Sherry Jones: Lilac pruning is also borer control

Debbie Juriga: esay seed aster

Sona K: Magazine in PDF format

B. K.: Janet's Journal

Bogi K.:  Easy seeds monarda

Judy K: Transplant a struggling tree

Pat Knoop: Clematis pruning

Fran Knorr: Landscape design, clever pots and an egret

Deanna and Lily Koen: Gardens we love, Detroit Zoo, Joy in helping

Denise Kora: Organic methods/fertilizing

Mark and Marie Koski:  Scrabbling in the garden, Tepal sepal petal puzzle

Susan Kubek: Magazine in PDF format

Terry Kozak: Cutting holiday greens

Judy and Dan Kurkowski: Train a young tree

Bobbi Kuschel: Mentors

Rich and Cindy LaFond: Pruning dwarf conifers

Terri Law: Controlling invasive plants

Sue Leich: Nuts, roses, fall clipping and lots of photos in What's Coming Up 157

Elizabeth Littler: Wildflowers

Lora M.: 45 mph Gardens

Heidi and Bonnie Lujan: Choosing shade plants

Becki Lynch: Tools

R. M.: proper tree planting

Alison Mackinder: Ligularia

Diane Macunovich: Plants for dry places

Marilyn: endangered native plants

David Marshall: Impatiens downy mildew

Shirley and Richard Martin: Daisies

Jim & Susan Masiak: The forums!

Susan Masiak: Columbine

Master Gardener Association of Wayne County, Michigan: Holiday lights in the garden,

Susan Maynard: Site organized for fun browsing

Lynn McAllister: tool maintenance, pruning

Nick Mendes: bell flower

Marjory Miller: butterfly weed

Ellen Moderhack: techniques

Joan Morgan: Magazine in PDF format

Priscilla and Paul Needle: Magazine in PDF format

Kay Neff: In defense of innocents: Goldenrod, Magazine in PDF format,

Jane Nicholson

Elizabeth Nikkila: Enjoy getting dirty, rose pests

Karen Norman: Magazine in PDF format

Jan O.: seed starting with children

Sandy O'Connell: Summer blooming trees

Edie O'Byrne: Magazine in PDF format

Open Gate Garden Club: Big color for small spots, week-by-week color

Linda P. & Enya: Vegetables in the landscape

Sue Pepper: Magazine in PDF format

Pam Peterson: Boxwood/Hedge pruning; Winter fitness and more;

Holly Pilon: Indian Summer

Deb Poffenberger: Magazine in PDF format

Kathleen Polkowski: containers, mold

Barbara Porzondek: Magazine in PDF format

Sue Purcell: Expert Afield on the Adriatic, Late bloom daisy mystery

Denise R.: Boxwood pruning, boxwood leaf miner, winter cutting evergreens

Phyllis and Allen R.: Perennial tulips

Nancy and David Randall: Scale, fig, birds, pepper spray, ash. Magazine in PDF format

John Ricco: Magazine in PDF format

Georgejean Ridley: Magazine in PDF format

Joann R.: Ginkgo, weevils, peony

Kathy Ross: Herbs and kids

Sylvia S.: moving perennials, lawn ring spot

Susan Sjdak: Snow cover, year's best, pretty poppy

Rudy Salinger: Help a lawn beat grubs

Janet Schenk: Just Janet

Dena Scher & Dean Purcell: Organic food

Kay Ann Schmid: Magazine in PDF format

Marianne Schwartz

Louise Shoksynder: Rudbeckia, blackeye Susan

Dr. Jim and Ann Sillers: When evergreens go brown in spring

Darl Slentz: Tool care

Debi Slentz: Gardens We Love: The Burren

Corky Smith: gloves, cutting back

Candie Sorenson: Deer

Katharine Sozanski: Magazine in PDF format

Judith Ann Storrs: pruning yews

Elly Sullivan: Holiday Decorations from the garden

Jackie Swenson: peace lily, care

Ann Tice: Beauty, lore and fun of conifers and winter blooming plants

Mary Topf: Dividing perennial plants, Design for fall bloom

Dawn Truitt: Pruning

John Turchin: Magazine in PDF format

Barbara Vass: Jade care

N.W.: ash replacement, bur oak

Peg W: Ensemble Weekly Editions, great place for winter browsing

Jack Wallace: Native plants

Cathy Warnick: Help for a shady yard make-over

Wayne Watson & Martha Frost-Watson: holly pruning

Rosemary Weil: Zucchini-less, salt damage, fall clean up

Rita Weisiger: Magazine in PDF format

Shelley Welch: Animal damage

Mary Wettergen: Magazine in PDF format

Kay White: Beautybush

Sue White: Perennial bachelor button

Sylvia Whitmer: hellebore bloom, golden rain tree, annuals cover bulbs

Pat Wierzbicki: Magazine in PDF format

Angie Wilkie: Conifers

Gina Wilson: Shade plants

Susan Witek: Pruning spirea, hedges

Terri Wolf

Dot Wolff: Potted flowers, girdling root, deadheading, fertilizing

Phebe Wong: Groundcovers

Carol Wright: Baptisia

A.Z.: Cutting back woody plants