Perennials lists

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We share with you the perennial plant lists we have been developing for our clients and students for 25 years.  

Perennial plant selection lists... help you choose new and replacement perennials.

We've been creating these lists for over 25 years as part of gardening, writing and teaching. Most contain not only plant names but essential growing or care information.


Choose a topic... read a description of its list. Once you're within its description, click to download that perennial line-up.
Butterfly host and nectar perennials
garden perennials
Clay soil perennials
Difficult, challenging places: Perennials for challenging sites
Dividing perennials: Which when and how
Doubling up with perennials
Easiest, best perennials
Easy-from-seed perennials
Fabulous foliage perennials
Fine vining perennials
Great perennial combinations
Growing perennials from seed: Easy species
Hypo-allergenic perennials
Invasives: Run-Amuck perennials invasive by running root
Late summer perennials
Long interest perennials
Native perennials, Great Lakes region
Renovation perennials: Plants for make-overs
Shade perennials: Shade gardening lists with annuals, shrubs, vines and small trees, too
Wildlife garden perennials

You will see this list grow. We're building this master list as we identify useful materials in our files. Today it includes children's plants, clay soil species, dividing, easiest species, foliage plants, vines, combinations and 10 more....

Some items on the list are asterisked (*) because they are not yet available. During all the years we've been creating these lists, computer systems as well as our own preference for formats have changed. Bear with us as we reformat the lists for posting here. Check in from time to time for what becomes available.

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Children's' garden plants: 7-page outline for designers including one page chart of plants especially suited to children's gardens; text. Download the pdf



*Clay soil solutions: Outline for improving clay soil, with lists of suitable plants.

Dividing perennials: Which perennials, when and how
Download the pdf

Dividing Perennials lists Sponsored by:

Easiest, best perennials: Perennials that come closest to the ideal of great color and low care.
Go to the article and download the fully illustrated chart.

*Fabulous foliage plants: Great plants listed by foliage color, best use and suggested combinations.

*Fine Vines: List of perennial, annual and tender vines, best uses and how to grow.
Download the pdf

Great perennial combinations: Perennials in design groups by harmonious form and texture, in spring-to-fall blooming sequence, grouped by growing condition. Six growing situations from sun to dry shade. Text with line drawings.
Download the pdf.

*Hypo-allergenic garden plants:
Practical guide for those with allergies who want to enjoy their yard, with lists of plants to grow and some to avoid.

Run-amuck perennials:
Invasive perennials. Article with list of perennials often gifted that become running-root weeds in many gardens.

*Late Summer Color:
Plants to add to revive the hot and tired garden, plus tactics for refreshing what's already there.

*Long-interest perennials:
Plants that offer more than just flower, charted to show what features can be expected to provide interest, when.

Native Great Lakes Region Wildflowers for Gardens:
Ten pages include an outline of ideas for growing native species in gardens, six pages of plants sorted by shade and sun, further divided into easy-to-find and more rare. With two pages of resources: Books, nurseries and websites. Focuses on the region including Michigan, south central Ontario, northern Illinois, and Indiana, Wisconsin.
Download the pdf.




*Perennials for doubling-up:
Extended interest through crafty plant combination



Plants for Landscape Renovation:
3-page outline of a process for renovating an older landscape, plus 5 pages of charts listing trees and shrubs suited to renovation projects, and 3 pages of charts with perennials for renovations. Text, charts.
Download the pdf.






Plants for wildlife - Butterfly host plants:
Nectar's important to butterflies but leaf-eating caterpillars must come first. Each caterpillar has specific needs, so this list names the plant and the type of caterpillar it supports.
Download the pdf

Butterfly plants lists Sponsored by:


Plants for wildlife:
Plants that provide food and shelter for birds and small mammals
Download the pdf

*Perennials for challenging sites

Wet, dry, shady, exposed to rapid temperature changes, salt or wind

Woodland Wildflowers of the Great Lakes
From our workshop The Natural Gardener and the Wooded Lot. Shade loving and woods edge perennials listed in groups as they occur by site, cross referenced to descriptions and nursery sources. Text, charts.
Download the pdf

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