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Here is a list of garden centers, mail order nurseries, tool makers, glovers, landscape supply yards, clothiers, professional organizations, news services, libraries, etc. that have been our suppliers and resource experts for many years. Good people and good products. You'll note that some are linked so you can go directly to a website. We are linking the rest one by one as they come up in new articles or we have a chance to talk to them about what we're doing.

HappyRecmndSource.jpgAbele Greenhouse and Garden Center
       new varieties of shrub potentilla,

Allemon's Landscape Center

AM Leonard

Arrowhead Alpines

Association of Professional Gardeners

Bad Axe Iron Works
     tree-form trellis, sculptural peony cage 

Baker's Creek Seeds
     vegetable and flower seed, heirloom varieties

Bogie Lake Greenhouses
     annual and herb topiary, flower basket care

       plants, bird baths                   HappyRecmndSource.jpg

Brainer's Greenhouse

Brent and Becky's Bulbs

Bushel Mart
       mulch, stone

Clarington Forge
       fine forged tools

Dean Krauskopf, 760 AM WJR radio: Garden Show

English Gardens
     special order plants, bird baths ,

Fiskars Power Gear pruning tools and long-reach pruner

Fleur Detroit
       plants, accessories, bird baths, holiday greens ideas, unique rustic furniture,


       accessories, tools, bird baths, more bird baths, holiday greens ideas, unique rustic furniture, ornaments,

Glasshouse Works, retail on-site and on-line; overstuffed winter storage,

Goldner Walsh Nursery
     special order plants, winter sunbreak,

Gossler Farms

Grass Roots Nursery Water Gardens
        Owner Scott Bates, Forum Moderator; bird baths, koi food,

Greer Gardens

Highland Tree Farm

Hortech Wholesale
     Premium Plants Plant Selection Wizard, Green roof plants 

Johnny's Selected Seeds
     vegetable seeds, heirloom varieties

King Creek Timber Products
      sculptural tree trunks, garden arbors and pergolas

Lee Valley Tools

Lodi FarmsHappyRecmndSource.jpg

Mahoney's Garden Centers, Boston area, Cape Cod
     bird baths,

Mary's Plant Farm, Hamilton, Ohio

Master Gardener Association of Wayne County, Michigan, an all-volunteer organization that puts on fabulous educational events; here re holiday lights in the garden,

Michigan Gardener magazine, "Your guide to Great Lakes gardening"

MTEC - Midwest Tool and Equipment Center
      core aerator

Oikos Tree Crops

Plant Delights Nursery
     plantsman Tony Avent quoted here, new Buddleia,                                                  

Planter's Palette, Salem Township, MI

Planter's Palette, Winfield, ILHappyRecmndSource.jpg

Plymouth Nursery
      Assisted here on topics:
      native & unusual perennials, bird baths, bird feeding supplies, childrens' tools, garden clothing, ornaments, statuary

Prairie Nursery
     Neil Diboll, owner and prairie restoration specialist, quoted here
     Assisted here on topics: wildflower plantings, seed, attracting wildlife

Ray Hunter Florist and Garden Center

Ray Wiegand's Nursery
      bird baths, butterfly plantscrabapple pruning, gloves, evergreen pruning demos, hardy pansies, organic fertilizer, holiday plant care,

Red Wing boots

Rich's Foxwillow Pines


Sage Advice Nursery, Margaret Thele
       perennials in small pots, groundcovers and herbs at the Pontiac, MI Farmers' Market, winter sunbreak,  

Seed Savers Exchange
     heirloom varieties vegetables and flowers

Shades of Green Nursery
       helping a new tree grow,

Songsparrow Perennial Farm, Klehm's Songsparrow Nursery, Song Sparrow Farm,
      intersectional peonies, Helleborus,

Specialty Growers Perennials,
      Forum Moderator Karen Bovio
      big betony (Stachys micrantha), transplanting tips, perennials in small pots watering seedlings

State Crushing Landscape Supply
       compost, mulch, soil, stone, organic disposal

Sunny Border Wholesale Nurseries
     green roof plants

Sunshine Farm & Garden specialty perennials, hellebore specialist


Telly's Greenhouse, George Papadelis
     impatiens care, perennials for late summer, winter sunbreak,

Uncle Luke's Feed Store, fertilizer, wild bird food, pet supplies

Urbanscapes Detroit
     display gardens,

Weston Nurseries

Wild Birds Unlimited
       Wild Birds Unlimited, Royal Oak, MI Lu Ann Linker, bird baths,

Wildtype Native Plant Nursery

Woman's Work Gloves