Bevy of bird baths

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Bath A: What we liked about this one was the classic form and that it looked like concrete but was lightweight "fibrestone". (Gardenviews, Northville.) 

It's a shallow dip yet broad, across many style lines!

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I want to get a nicely decorated  bird bath for the yard and have been looking…a friend told me that the nicest ones are up in northern Michigan. He recommended a place near Glen Arbor, which seems like a long ride to take for a bird bath.

Can you recommend anyplace in southeastern Michigan? I have looked at on-line stores but would like to see, if possible, what it really looks like. I've seen nice small solar heated ones for winter. Any ideas? - D.B. -


They're "out there" in many places -- garden centers, gift shops, bird food sellers, home stores, art fairs, concrete statuary makers... We've listed "bird bath" following many business names on our Recommended Sources page. (Jump to those websites from our Recommended Sources page.)

We know our back yard birds appreciate the water we offer all year so we do notice bird baths in others' gardens. We don't often ask "where did you buy that?" but when we do we often hear an answer like this one regarding Bath B (below), "Hmmm. I can't remember for sure where I got that one. I kind of looked all over and found it someplace along the way."

We've posted on the Forum to ask where others have seen memorable bird baths. In addition, we asked for sources and stories about those shown here.

Below: Bath B

BBathGirlTr1167.jpg BBathChunky9004.jpg

Above: Bath C
We choose for the birds, certainly. LuAnn Linker, owner of our local Wild Birds Unlimited says, "It should be shallow, and easily cleaned with just a soft brush so you will put fresh water in it at least every few days, and not use any chemicals... A heater for winter is nice and those often go on sale at the end of summer."

Sturdy is good, too, so the bowl won't tip easily. Forum Moderator Celia Ryker is a lifelong wildlife watcher, and reports seeing, "Two thirsty rabbits cooperated to tip over the bird bath. I kid you not!"
Metal and concrete are sturdy if they're set on a level surface.
Below: Baths D (left) and E (right)

BBathIronNov0254.jpg BBathGrnMtl9016.jpg

Below: Baths F ( left) and G (right). We love garden art that has multiple functions, such as F that is also a sundial. Art fairs often offer unique baths.

BBathSailSnDl5783.jpg BBathStone3332.jpg

Below: Baths H (left), I and J (right)

We kid about this fountain (H) with water gently burbling up through the center. Birds love to sit on that top spot so water garden specialist and Forum Moderator Scott Bates dubbed it the "birdy bidet."

"That's a nice one" is different for each person. Who can tell until they see it whether a whimsical fairy or classic clean lines (Fleur Detroit) have the greater appeal?

BBathBidet1991.jpg BBathFairy1986.jpg BBathFleur7797.jpg

Below: Baths K, L and M.
Check local farm markets for rustic bird baths.
Reader J.R. bought a plain bird bath and made it a project with her grandkids to apply tile, stones and more to the surface.

BBathStump8520.jpg BBathShelSprw2287.jpg BBathTiled3717.jpg

Below: Baths N, O, P
N: Fleur Detroit has some unique offerings.
O: No matter how many times we see the magic watering can, we smile. This one is in the Lapeer County, Michigan Master Gardener Display Garden.

BBathRed7802.jpg BBathPebls9757.jpg BBathMtlGlz0048.jpg

Below: Baths Q, R

BBathTripod8502.jpg BBathPoppy8628.jpg

Below: Baths S, T

BBathSumnS9159.jpg BBathHands8538.jpg




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