What's Coming Up 10: Zucchini-less, salt damage, prune clematis, fall garden clean up

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In this issue:

Fall beauties: Ginkgo, sugar maple, yellowwood and aster

Puzzling over zucchini-less year

Preventing damage from wintry hazards

Bring houseplants back inside, leave pests outdoors

Fall clematis: Endearing, rampant and very clippable

Clip now to best the iris borer

In my garden: Tips, grins, grow-ans

Prune some woodies, wait on others

Hands-on workshop in time for late fall pruning season

California rants, "Michigan palm"


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 Fall beauties

Native0083.jpg DSC_4666.jpg

Above: It's a warm, blue-sky fall weekend. What a great time to be out in the garden! It's just icing on the cake that fall color is developing all around. This ginkgo tree (left) is one of the species that turns color overnight. Some people love not only its color but the fact that all of its leaves then fall off in a rush -- that means raking up can be done in just one episode. Other people mourn that trait, since quick leaf fall also means the color won't last weeks as it does on gradually shedding species like sugar maple (right).



Time to think about protecting plants from winter storm damage

DSC_8473.jpg DSC_3456_2.jpg ThujaTiedWintersm.jpg

Above: Heavy snow can turn this cedar (Thuja occidentalis, also called an arborvitae) from an upright pyramid (left) into a fanned heap (center). Believe it or not, the one pictured here did regroup to regain its former verticality. If you can't handle the snow-splayed interim period or the suspense of wondering whether your plant will rebound, try a preventive technique such as spiral tying (right).





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