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Over 30 years ago we were lucky enough to find something we were passionate about and loved to do.  Along the way, we have received continual support from family, friends and even strangers that appreciate what we do.  They have kept us going through the lean times and we have continued to do our best to help them.

We love to know that we are helping others.  In addition, answering your questions, making recommendations and diagnosing problems helps us to continually grow our passion and learn more about our ever-changing field.

Through your help and sponsorship of pages on this site, we avoid pop-ups, flashing ad panels, background noise and so on.  We pledge to keep our valuable content free of such ads and also free of the influence advertisers can bring to bear.

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So we can add illustrations to several articles here that have great information but come from our pre-digital photography days. We'd love to make them more helpful by updating them with photos. Those issues and their topics:

            Ficus trees, Hibiscus, lights and flowers indoors, in Growing Concerns #493.

            Peace lily problems, planting bare root trees and focring spring flowers, in Growing Concerns #558.

            Leaf drop on plumbago and other plants taken indoors for winter, in Growing Concerns #501.

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The posting process takes about two hours for each of these 19 page issues and often we can't pay our bills if we take that much time off our "real work" of gardening. We can take the time if a reader emails to say "I'll Sponsor that topic" or "I'll Sponsor the topic you choose." We don't specify a dollar amount for a page. Send what you can, what you think the information is worth. We do the work and trust that averages will out.

Until then, for these articles yet to be posted, those readers who were on our mailing list before 2010 and stashed the pdf files we sent each week can find them in their own back files. We also issued them on CD, so if you bought Potting up Perennials you have them.

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All we need is an emailed pledge or a U.S. mail letter with a check, with:
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            • U.S. Mail and check to Garden AtoZ, 6648 Ellinwood Dr., White Lake, MI 48383
            • Email to info@GardenAtoZ.com. We'll bill you the amount you pledge.

Optionally, you can elect to choose:
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We post your name and Seal on the page(s) you choose. We also list your name and Sponsored topics on our Sponsor links pages so readers can jump from one Sponsor-selected page to another.

The Seals and Sponsor listings are our recognition of your help and also a collaboration between us. We're using the power of your voice of experience to focus new gardeners' attention on the most notable items in our library.

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Here are some examples of the kind words we receive from Sponsors. Some Sponsors choose to include such messages in their Sponsor Seal:

With much appreciation for sharing your knowledge.    Liz F.


The newsletters are great and always SO timely! Love them! Another great one on pruning evergreens! Yeeesss!   Evan B.


Example Sponsor 1(As seen on our site.)

For the picture that Steve put with the poem - it brought tears to my eyes. Judy R.


Thank you!! The problem on the side of the house
reminded me of my son's house in NC - so I passed the idea on to him.   Donna


Example Sponsor 2 (Seen here.)

For the gift that keeps on giving - your fabulous gardening newsletter.   Lucy

I thought I could easily find what I needed on the Internet, but
nothing could have matched your article!!! Thank you.   Linda G.


Issue #86 was a life-saver! 
I really needed help with pruning
as I'm a new gardener.   Dee


I love the 'whys' of how  things happen in the garden.
It adds so much more to understanding gardening
than just being told to do something
without the reason.  
Mary H.


Thanks for reminding me of my dad, who took this same no-nonsense approach and smiled all the while.
Bob C.


This works!  And it saves
so much time and heartbreak.
I know, I've been there!
Cindy C.

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