What's Coming Up 137: Bare-Root Trees, Cutting Tips, Cutting Jades

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'Tis a sweet deal when you can buy bare-root trees

To plant a bare root tree

Tie a tree? Like a stake in its heart!

Chafing over chain fence: Love the division, hate the line!

Bitter's better name for this candy (tuft)

Tip cuttings from the weeks's email

  • Let's have more big flared trees!
  • Bad bulbs multiply
  • Rx to I.D. a plant
  • Shade plant commonalities
  • Stayin'sharp regarding shears and fertilizer, page 9

Scrabbling in the garden: Right word as key to problem I.D.

The basic issue for rotating edibles and ornamentals

Cut-back jade's now cut by cold!

Scattering seed to cover bulbs

Expecting moldy lawns                                            Below: In this issue, snowshoes as essential garden gear!

Big foot, light weight, all good for wet, early spring soil


Oh, the evasive new tree flare!

Cheer the well dressed gardener, boo to gray days in March


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bare-root trees
blocking eyesores
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chain fence
chain link fnece
Cornus alternifolia
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Global ReLeaf
hiding chain link fence
Hippeastrum  amaryllis growing in garden in Florida
how to sharpen tools
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leaf spot
moldy snow
Pagoda dogwood
pink snow mold
plant ID
planting annuals and bulbs
planting bare-root tree
privacy screen
scattering seeds with bulbs
Scilla sibirica
scorched leaf, scorch
Scrabble words
shade plants
sharpening tools
slow release fertilizer
snowshoes in garden
spot, leaf spot
squill mulitply
staking a tree
tree flares
using up fertilizer



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