What's Up 164, Galls by mite-y micro-pests, Adriatic beauty, Japanese trees and American holly

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Such gall in a leaf!

Considering the best rose covers and peony cuts

Winter care for a potted Japanese maple

Pots are resin-able bets for winter survival

Pruning shrubs: When cutbacks don't make their comeback*

Recovery from a major yard dig-up

A peek into Adriatic gardens       This article Sponsored by:

In our gardens:

We disturb bad guy cutworms,

- apologize to beneficials,

- scoop up free mulch,

- seek lost leaves                   This article Sponsored by:

- admire edges

Berry fine sights at 45 mph

Stealing leaves and nixing indoor fertilizer


*We've added additional illustrations of what to expect after cutting back shrubs in Cut n expectations, and show you what happened later for some of the plants pruned in this issue, in To cut boldly: Pyramidal yews

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45 mph garden, Manchurian spindle tree
Adriatic Sea Expert afield report, Sue Purcell
birds as pest control, starling, robin
bittersweet (Celastrus)
boxwood in pots over winter
burning bush (Euonymus alatus) transplant after being pulled out for emergency excavation
bushes died after cut back
Christmas cactus, fertilizer
collections, gardener's family tolerates
compost as winter protection
container gardens, plants hardy year round
containers, resin insulation value
containers, trees in pots year round
creeping speedwell, winter weed, control
Croatia, Dubrovnik, Expert afield report
cuckoo plant, winter weed, control
cutworms, fall pest control in vegetable garden
cypress roots, deep, cypress roots said to repel rats
Dianthus, hardy in pot year round
dirtier fingernails, cleaner minds, quotes
edging gardens in fall
emergency excavation displaced shrubs
Epping, Jeff, botanical garden director on trees in pots year round
excavation for shrub removal undermine walkway
fall leaves as mulch
fall garden work edging, weeding vegetable garden
fertilizer, houseplants
flea beetle, fall pest control in vegetable garden
gall mite
gardener's job, keep things running despite weather, quote, Ruth Shaw Ernst
heart of gardening, quote
important things a gardener does, quotes, Elsa Bakalar
lawn renovation after utility dig up
leaves with strange bumps, bumpy linden leaves, warty leaves
lilac (Syringa) had to move for utility dig-up
linden (Tilia)
linden nail gall (Eriophyes lateannulatus)
maple, Acer griseum, paperbark maple
maple, Acer pensylvanicum, striped maple
maple, Acer pseudosieboldianum, Korean maple
maple, Acer tegmentosum, snakebark maple, White Tigress
maple, Acer triflorum, tree-flower maple
maple, Japanese maple, Acer palmatum grown in pot
maple, small species hardier than Japanese maples
Michigan holly, winterberry, Ilex verticillata 45 mph eye catcher
mites, Eriophyid mites
moving plants during pipe repairs
mulch, leafy mulch for winter
mulch, leaves as mulch
neat edges, crisp outline for bed as winter interest
Olbrich Botanical Gardens
peduncle, flower stalk, seed stalk
peony, cut back in fall
peony, intersectional peony, herbaceous peony, tree peony
plant identification guide, twig color, leaf edge, fruit position
pruning, bushes cut back hard didn't sprout
quote, Janet Macunovich, go ahead and cut
quote, Linnaeus, if a tree dies
quote, Ruth Shaw Ernst, your job as gardener whatever the weather
quote, Will Rogers, dirtier fingernails
quotes, Elsa Bakalar, rewards are immeasurable
quotes, Mirabel Osler, belief in the miraculous
quotes, Steven Nikkila, buy soil, add weeds
replanting excavated shrubs
rose of sharon (Hibiscus syriacus) dug out in emergency excavation
rose winter protection, leaf mulch
salamander, winter home in garden
Sedum 'Dragon's Blood', hardy in pot year round
Slovenia, Expert afield report
smoke bush, Cotinus obovatus, Cotinus coggygria
squash vine borer, fall pest control in vegetable garden
succulent plants in pots year round
tall rocket, winter weed, control
thyme, planted in flagstone walk, Thymus
thyme, wooly thyme, hardy in pot year round
toad, winter home in garden
utility dig up, moving shrubs during pipe repair
vegetable garden pest control
vegetable garden weeds
verticillium wilt, susceptible and resistant plants
weed seeds in purchased soil, quotes, Steven Nikkila
weeds, winter weed control
winter protection, may be placed too early
winterberry euonymus (Euonymus bungeanus) fall color seed pods
yew, Taxus x media, pruned hard failed to make comeback
Yucca 'Color Guard', hardy in pot year round









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