What's Coming Up 45: Apple tree rejuvenation, deadheading spikes, Viburnum berries, beauty bush


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New life for a tasty old tree

Fruit's a bust if there's too little pollen

Spikes: Determined deadheading required

Say no to iffy shrubs near foundation

Turning on the viburnum berries

Variegated plants: When green's no good

Now cut it out! Bulb leaf relief

Bush is a beauty at 45 mph

Aphids? Ready, aim, fire -- with water!

Enlist help to seize perfection


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In this issue you will find the ten articles listed above (here, a page from foundation shrubs) as well as answers to the Search terms below:



This issue includes suggestions for partly shaded
foundation beds, and berry-bearing shrubs


Alcea rosea, hollyhock, deadheading  Pg 4-5
Ampelopsis brevipedunculata
'Elegans', variegated porcelain vine Pg 8
Antirrhinum, snapdragon, deadheading  Pg 4-5
aphids, control with water  Pg 11
birds, berry plants  Pg 7
birdsnest spruce, beautiful in spring (article includes page shown above)
Brunnera macrophylla, bigleaf forget me not, reverted to green  Pg 8
bulbs, braiding bulb foliage, cut back after bloom, unreliable perennials  Pg 8-9
Eremerus, foxtail lily/desert candle  Pg 1, 11
butterflies and moths, nectar sources Pg 10
cats, dangerous plants  Pg 5
Clethra, summersweet, as foundation plant  Pg 6
Cornus kousa, sometimes have a stellar year  Pg 10
cut flowers, salvage from deadheading  Pg 5
dangerous plants, toxic to pets, other mammals  Pg 5
deadheading, spike flowers  Pg 3-5
Delphinium Pg 4-5
design, foundation plants set tone  Pg 6-7, variegated foliage  Pg 8
Deutzia gracilis  Pg 6
Digitalis, foxglove, dangerous plant, deadheading  Pg 4-5
Eremerus, foxtail lily/desert candle, double up to cover dormancy Pg 1, 11
Euonymus fortunei, evergreen woodbine, variegated forms revert to green  Pg 8
fragrance Kolkwitzia amabilis  Pg 10, Lonicera fragrantissima, winter honeysuckle  Pg 6
fruit trees, apple-crabapple crosses  Pg 2-3, longevity  Pg 2
fruit trees need adequate pollination for good crop  Pg 3
fruit trees propagation  Pg 1-2, seedlings not the same as parent  Pg 2-3
Gypsophila,baby's breath, double up with Eremerus  P 11
Hosta variegated forms revert to green  Pg 8
Hyacinthus cut back after bloom  Pg 9
Hydrangea paniculata, panicle Hydrangea  Pg 6
insects, beetles, lady beetles beneficial  Pg 11
insects, beneficial lightning bugs, etc. Pg 11
Iris germanica, bearded iris, sometimes have a stellar year  Pg 10
Iris reticulata, bulbous iris/netted iris  Pg 9
Kolkwitzia amabilis, beautybush 45 mph beauty, attractive to butterflies  Pg 10
leaves, variegation unstable, reverts to green  Pg 8
Lonicera, honeysuckle shrubs and vines
Lonicera fragrantissima, winter honeysuckle  Pg 6
Lupinus, lupine, deadheading  Pg 4-5
Malus, apple propagation  Pg 1-2
mentors' advice cut more flowers, get more flowers  Pg 3
mentors sow barley when oak leaves downy gray  Pg 3
Narcissus, daffodil cut back after bloom  Pg 9
daffodil disappointing bloom some years  Pg 10
node, related to deadheading  Pg 4
Paeonia, peony sometimes have a stellar year  Pg 10
perennials deadheading  Pg 4-5
perennials doubling up for easy care and good looks  Pg 11
pesticide insecticide, withhold use at fruit tree blossom time  Pg 3
pests, aphids, natural controls, toad to lightning bug  Pg 11
Picea abies 'Nidiformis', birdsnest spruce  Pg 7
pollination, protect bees at fruit tree flowering time  Pg 3
pruning, making paired shrubs more uniform  Pg 6
Pyrus, pear, propagation  Pg 1-2
quotes, do first, read later  Pg 7
Robinia, black locust Pg 10
Salvia deadheading  Pg 3-5
Sedum reverted to green, Sedum 'Frosty Morn', Sedum 'Red Carpet' Sedum 'Tricolor', Sedum spectabile variegata  Pg 8
seed, developing seed prevents fruit drop  Pg 3
sow barley when oak leaves downy gray  Pg 3
when does not "come true" same as parent  Pg 2
shrubs 45 mph beauties Pg 10
shrubs, berries for birds  Pg 7
shrubs grow evenly in uneven conditions  Pg 6
shrubs, foundation evergreens  Pg 6-7
trees grown from cuttings  Pg 2
Tsuga canadensis 'Bennett' hemlock   Pg 7
Tulipa, tulips cut back after bloom  Pg 9
Verbascum, mullein deadheading  Pg 4-5
Viburnum berries don't form  Pg 7
Viburnum dentatum, arrowwood as foundation plant  Pg 6, 7
Viburnum dilatatum, linden Viburnum
Viburnum plicatum, doublefile Viburnum  Pg 7
Viburnum sargentii, Sargent Viburnum  Pg 7
Viburnum x carlesii, Koreanspice  Pg 7
Viburnum x juddii, Judd Viburnum  Pg 7
Viburnum x rhytidophylloides, leatherleaf Viburnum  Pg 7
weeds, keeping focus in weedy year  Pg 10
Weigela sometimes have a stellar year  Pg 10

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