What's Coming Up 155: Urban farms, lilac move, girdled roots


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Motown's new groove is a planted row: Urban farming

A bull's-eye on transplant timing & root tips

Mildewed peony's survival signs

Gosh, lost a Gaura!

Twisted willow roots topple tree
(foreshadowing this article: What's Coming Up 65)

Deadheading snaps, petunias, roses & Helen's flower

Pruning yews for size and peonies for health

Admire the stalwart Phlox

Learn from a boldly patterned new moth

Be young and stay sharp in the garden


In this issue: We recall the trees that caused concern because "Won't I hurt it if I move it?" These images in this article prove the Hit: Better to move what's poorly- placed or planted than leave it to continue struggling.

WillowN1191s.jpg  RootboundWillow1as.jpg

RootboundWillow2as.jpg  RootboundWillow3as.jpg


Did you come to this issue by way of a Search? The index below describes this issue's contents and must have matched your Search. So download and read this Ensemble Edition!

Brightmoor neighborhood, Detroit, Michigan
Capuchin monks urban farm
community gardens improve community life
cool season annuals
Detroit gardens help regrow a city
drip line
Earthworks Urban Farm, Detroit, Michigan
elementary schools involved in community gardens
eyes of perennial plants, checking for next year's growth
fall clean up of diseased leaves and plants
feeder roots
gardens as community gathering places
Gaura failed to come back from division
Georgia Street community, Detroit, Michigan
girdling roots
Helen's flower, deadheaded, Helenium
Lobelia, edging lobelia
Lobelia siphilitica, great blue lobelia
mildew, peony cut down in fall
Motown's new groove is gardening
Paeonia, peony, intersectional hybrid
peony, peonies foliage turned gray
Petunia deadhead
pruning every two years
pruning to restrict size
rainwater collection device
root loss in digging, recovery from root loss
roots damaged by transplanting
roses deadheaded, carpet roses, Rosa
social nature of gardens
transplanted Japanese maple
transplanting lilac bush, Syringa
tree of heaven, Ailanthus webworm
tree tips over without wide roots
urban farms
vegetable gardens stop urban blight
willow tree potbound at planting, Salix
yew pruned, Taxus









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