What's Coming Up 4: Lace bugs, soggy roses, stress fall color, two-tone Japanese maple, store canna and dahlia

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Colorless leaves tell tale of azalea lace bug, page 1

Rose growing is all about saying good-bye, page 3

Early fall color reveals a tree or shrub in trouble, page 5

In my garden: Reports, tips, grins and grow-ans, page 5

Dogfight in the butterfly garden, pg. 7

Pretty severe pruning! Crabapple, spruce and Japanese maple, pg. 10


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Below: Azalea leaves that turn pale and then brown with "dirty" undersides signal lacebug infestation:

AzaleaLacebugSymp4834s.jpg AzaleaLacebugSign4826s.jpg

Below, left: A maple that turns color early on one side is telling you of trouble that may be terminal, but (below, right) an oversized crabapple can be tamed.

MapleEarlyFall4673s.jpg PruneCrabapBefr4923s.jpg

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andromeda lacebug, Pieris, pg. 3
assassin bug, beneficial insect, pg. 2
azalea lacebug, pp. 1-3
azalea pale leaves signal trouble, pp. 1-3
basswood lacebug, Tilia, pg. 3
beneficial insects, pg. 2
butterfly chase hummingbird, pg. 7
butterfly, black swallowtail butterfly, pg. 7
butterfly, monarch butterfly chases hummingbird, pg. 7
Canna, winter storage of roots, pg. 6
Cotoneaster, lacebug pest, pg. 3
crabapple lacebug, Malus, pg. 3
Dahlia, winter storage of tuber, pg. 6
disease persists in soil, Phytophthora root rot of rose, pg. 4
dog urine affects garden, pg. 7
dog urine decoys as solution, pg. 7
drainage, poor drainage cause of plant losses, pg. 4
early fall color signals trouble
early fall color, pg. 5
fall color, premature fall color signals trouble, pg. 5
fertilizer, availability, pg. 6
firethorn lacebug, Pyracantha, pg. 3
grafted tree with sucker growth, pg. 7
grafted tree, suckering tendency, pp. 6-7
green lacewing, beneficial insect, pg. 2
hackberry, Celtis, lacebug pest, pg. 3
hawthorn, Crataegus, lacebug pest, pg. 3
hummingbird beaten by butterfly, pg. 7
hummingbird territorial behavior, pg. 7
Japanese beetle, pg. 4
Japanese maple becomes partially green, pg. 6
Japanese maple pruned to reduce size, pg. 10
lacebug life cycle, pg. 3
ladybug, beneficial insect, pg. 2
leaf color, diagnostic of trouble, pg. 5
linden lacebug, Tilia, pg. 3
mites, spider mites, pg. 4
mountain ash lacebug, Sorbus, pg. 3
oak lacebug, Quercus, pg. 3
pathology report from Extension lab, pg. 4
pesticide, timing of application is critical, pg. 2
pesticides affect beneficial insects, pg. 2
poor drainage not good for roses
predator insects affected by pesticide, pg. 2
pruning tools lost, replaced
pruning to reduce trees that have become too large, pg. 10
quince lacebug, Chaenomeles, lacebug pest, pg. 3
Rhododendron lacebug, pg. 3
Rhododendron pale leaves symptom, pp. 1-3
rose affected by poor drainage, pg. 4
rose crown rot, pg. 4
roses react to poor drainage, root rot, pp. 3-4
roses suddenly fail in summer, pp. 3-4
serviceberry, Amelanchier lacebug pest, pg.3
spruce pruned to reduce size, blue spruce Picea, pg. 10
stress contributes to plant problems, pg. 3
suckers serious trouble for grafted tree, pg. 7
sycamore lacebug, Platanus, pg. 3
tag dahlias, cannas for storage
trunk damage on tree may cause early fall color, pg. 5


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