Viburnum trouble, Brussels sprouts, weed trees, scholar tree, herbicide

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Look low for damage when Viburnum colors early, pg. 1

No doubt about Brussels sprouts: They wait for fall, pg. 4

Stumped by a different weed tree seedling every year, pg. 5

Mulch as a home repair facilitator! Pg. 7

Replace grow light bulbs so indoor gardens shine, pg. 6

Scholarly types recognize Sophora tree at 45 mph, pg. 6

Don't waste that weedkiller. How systemic herbicide works. page 7

Weed beater? No, but landscape fabric has other uses, page 7



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Below: What your summer-wilting, leaf scorched Viburnum may be telling you...

ViburnBrsWiltedSumr5524s.jpg ViburnLfScorch5520s.jpg

...and what this pond told us that gave us the idea to invite you to hands-on free workshops:


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aphids on Viburnum, pg. 1
beetle, Viburnum leaf beetle, pg. 1
biennial defined, pg. 4
borer symptoms, pg. 3
broccoli, pg. 5
Brussels sprouts trouble shooting, pg. 5
cold damage summertime symptoms, pp. 1-3
cold damage symptoms of woody plants, pp. 1-3
cold damage to exposed trunk, pg..2
cole crops, Brassica varieties, pg. 5
collard, pg. 5
construction and home repair soil protection, pg. 7
cottonwood as weed tree, pp. 5-6
doublefile Viburnum, V. plicatum habit, pg. 3
elm as weed tree seed, Ulmus, pg. 6
fabric, landscape fabric practical uses, pg. 7
fertilizer may correct discolored leaves, pg. 2
fungus infection discolors Viburnum leaves, pg .2
hardening off in fall, process and influence of fertilizer, pg. 2
herbicide improperly used is wasted, pg. 7
home maintenance can damage garden soil, pg. 7
insect feeding can discolor leaves, pg. 1
kale, in cole family, likes cool weather, pg. 5
kohlrabi, pg. 5
leaves darken and die in midsummer, pg. 1
leaves die, possible causes and diseases, pg. 1
lights, full spectrum bulb life, pp. 6-7
lights, grow lights for indoor plants, pp. 6-7
maple, Acer, maple seeds as weeds, pg. 6
pruning after cold damage, pg. 3
scholar tree blooms at 45 mph, Sophora japonica, pg.6
spots on leaves, Viburnum, pg. 1
systemic herbicide method of action, pg. 7
tree seeds as weeds, tuliptree, Liriodendron, pg. 6
tuliptree as weed tree, pg. 6
variety within a species can be very broad, cole crops, pg. .5
Verticillium wilt, pg. 1
Viburnum borer, pp. 3-4
Viburnum leaf beetle, pg. 1
watering to improve winter hardiness, pg. 6
weedkiller wasted through improer use, pg. 7
wilted leaves may indicate borer trouble, pp. 3-4
wilted leaves, causes, pp. 1-3

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