What's Coming Up 6: Tall sedum trouble, choosing plant varieties, disease in soil, allelopathy

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Tall sedum: Dependable, beautiful and worth saving from wilt

Help in deciding between plant varieties

Restoring health to diseased soil

Why one plant kills another

Spring a plan to scale back on scale pests

Japanese angelica tree at 45 mph




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allelopath, black walnut, Kentucky bluegrass
Chicago Botanic Garden Plant Evaluation Program
disease descriptive names
dividing to beat crown rot disease
family, sedum Crassulaceae
fungus disease, crown rot
fungus disease, stem dieback Lasiodiplodia theobromae
fungus disease stem rot Rhizoctonia solani
jade, Crassula
Japanese angelica tree, Aralia elata
Magnolia scale
mums transplant poorly in fall
oak, scale infestation, Quercus scale
oil for scale control
plant pathology, test for disease in plants
resistant varieties
scale insects
Sedum spectabile
'Matrona', tall sedum, 'Purple Emperor',  Hylotelephium telephium
soil sterilization to prevent disease
tomatoes, affected by black walnut
wilt, soil condition or soil borne disease
yarrow, Achillea, reports of allelopathy
yew, Taxus, Fletcher scale on yew





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