What's Coming Up 132: Winter Cutting, Evergreens


Evergreen pruning: Shear, clip and cut spruce and other needled evergreens

Winter clips okay for spruce tips

Midwest spruce old before its time

Pruning tool: What's Up index

Mystery of the missing birds

Signs of spring

Juniper: Self sown so it's weedy?

Rusty undesirables make community hit lists

Where to catch Janet and Steven in-person

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avoid wet weather while pruning
bad seed is robbery... George Washington
barberry as rust host
bird feeder abandoned
borer insects
borers attracted to pruning cuts
boxwood pruning, Buxus pruning
cedar apple rust
Colorado spruce not long lived in Midwest landscape
currant as rust host
canker of spruce
diagrams, shortening spruce branches
blight of pine
evergreens that can sprout from leafless wood
fungus diseases spread by pruning
gooseberry as rust host, Ribes
hawks in the garden
insects attracted to pruning cuts
Juniper 'Wichita Blue', Juniper 'Canaertii'
juniper as rust host
juniper as weed
juniper as wildlife attraction
love of gardening...never dies... Gertrude Jekyll
Phomopsis tip blight of juniper
prune evergreen trees, prune evergreen shrubs
prune to make plant fuller
prune to restrict growth
prune to shape
restrict growth after season's growth has finished
rust diseases
seed starting, overabundance of seedlings
shear to make plant fuller, shear during active growth
spruce, black hills spruce, Picea mariana
wheat rust, black stem rust of wheat
winter pruning, weather affects pruning


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