What's Coming Up 134: Groundcover, landscape design, soil, best tools

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Just how tough are those plants for underfoot? Pp. 1-2

Our favorite groundcovers and how to find more, pp. 3-4

Investigating invasive plants, pp. 4-5

Next-generation landscaping: Plans for the son's house, pp. 6-8

How many hours and dollars to landscape? P. 7

Landscaping ideas illustrated, pp. 9 -12

Clean pots vs. seedling damping-off, p.12

Cut back time for indoor plants, p. 13

Tools in our kit: Which ones, what kinds? Pp. 13-16

Deer, moles and mysteries top the charts now, p.17

How to choose plants to fit your goals, p.18

Red oak nominated as worst raking job, p. 18

Hard soil reprise, smelted!

Soil microbes may be best left dirty

How insecticidal soap works

We beg to grow


BootHeelClose3040s.jpgIf you pursued this issue for its list of must-have tools, you may also want to check on the tool most often overlooked, in Boots worth wearing, a part of What's Coming Up 20.


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adjustable rake
advice for picking ground covers
advice on how to  change a landscape
barren strawberry (Waldsteinia ternata)
basic steps in garden designing
bloody cranesbill (Geranium sanguineum)
brass buttons (Leptinella minor)
Bypass-blade hand pruners
checking for invasive plants
choosing ground covers
Clean pots vs. damping-off
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creeping jenny (Lysimachia nummularia)
creeping speedwell  (Veronica repens)
cut damping off losses
deer strategies
design examples
designing with utility box
essential tools
Estimated time and money needed for a DIY landscape project
favorite groundcovers:
Folding pruning saw with curved blade
foot traffic
ground cover books
ground cover care
Hedge shears
Hortech Groundcovers
How many hours and dollars to landscape
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ideas for front landscape change
invasive plant atlas
Investigating invasives
lilyturf (Liriope spicata)
Mazus (Mazus reptans)
mixing ground covers
myrtle (Vinca minor)
myrtle stairs picture
on-line plant selection help
perennial forget me not (Myosotis scorpioides)
pussytoes (Antennaria dioica)
recommendations for good tools
rupturewort (Herniaria glabra)
Screening plants for invasiveness
Sharpening kit
sketches for a wooded back yard
step-on plants
stonecrop (Sedum kamschaticum)
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Walters Gardens
what to do with deer
what to do with moles
Wooly thyme (Thymus lanuginosus)


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