What's Coming Up 135: Find Plant Sources, Inside Plants


Seeking shady deals for low-light plants

Best way to find plant sources

Special places, great growers

Wherefore a forum and donations?

Pony tail palm problems

Rx for over watered pot

Miss an issue, need a back issue

Sniffing out sweet grass

Tomato growing in blight years

Pesticide name game

Late blight control

Tell us about your heirloom plants

Envision trees gone before you cut

Gear up for lawn care

Tree peonies begin to show trouble

Winnow the chaff from nifty words


Did you come here to this page by doing a Search?
In this issue you will find answers to these Search terms:

Anthoxanthum odoratum
care of elephant foot palm
diagnosing plant trouble
diseases on tomatoes
finding plant diagnoses
fungicides for tomatoes
Hierchloe odorata sweet grass
internet plant sources
Late blight, Phytophthora infestans
lawn care
list of mail order growers
ornamental grasses references
over watering
ponytail palm, Nolina recurvata
specialty nurseries
sweet grass
thinning a wooded lot
tomato problems pictures
tree peonies, Paeonia suffruticosa

Many thanks to Sponsor and fellow Detroit Zoo Adopt-a-Gardener Michele Armstrong, who provided key words so our Search would "See into" this pdf-format issue.
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