What's Coming Up 197: Sunbreaks, herbs, birds, kids, rose rosette

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Sure it's pretty, but enough already! 

March 5, 2013

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We can hardly bear it!

The date, the birds gearing up, the trees' buds swelling and twigs changing color all add up to put the itch in our fingers... yet it's still too early to weed and plant. We figure you may be as antsy as we are, which is why this issue shares our ways to rechannel the too-early urge.

These items are brand new this week.

We hope you enjoy 8 new items with 50 new images:

New in Main features:

Late winter getaways

We package six suggestions for beating the late winter blues. Quick trips to sate the gardening hunger, some of a virtual nature, others involving up-and-about. Don't miss the Herb Uses chart you can download -- how to cook with and grow your own basic 18 or advanced 50 seasonings. Likewise, download the extensive guide to Gardening for Wildlife included in the feathery color getaway.

Greenhouse sunbreak: The perfect, easy late winter getaway

Increase your feathery color: Set out seed and plan plants to take advantage of the earliest spring color. Download an extensive guide to plants for wildlife.

Herbs simmer up summer: Cook away winter! Uncork a spice, release a garden scent, download a 50-herb chart with growing and cooking details.

Overthrow snow with slow organic fertilizer: Not too early at all. It's the perfect time to fertilize.

World gardens via Webinar: We bring our in-depth classes right to your desktop.

Beautiful browsing at Home: Take a quick trip to 200 gorgeous images and short-short stories.

Refresh your perspective with Kids View

Refresh your perspective with Kids Views and also learn straight from the source how to make a garden more engaging to youngsters. Once you take a trip along the garden path in their shoes you'll know how to pass along your love of the natural world and all the benefits of gardening, have more company in the yard... even train an apprentice.

Contributions from other young reporters are welcome.

Introducing our young reporters

They move fast, so take this chance as we debut the department to learn a little bit about those who'll help us make our gardens more kid friendly. This week we highlight D'licia McNeal.

Kids like and don't like: Remember what it was like to be a kid in a garden? Think kids are different now? This may change your mind.

A heads up in Tip Cuttings

Rose rosette disease

Rose rosette is a lethal disease that has been around a while but wasn't much seen. That's been changing and chances are that you've seen it but didn't know the implications. Look here so you'll know the odd growth on a rose that should be your cue to yank that plant out of circulation, fast. Be on the look out this spring for this killer on the rise.
































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