What's Coming Up 28: Rex begonias, indoor plant care, pruning girdling trunks, groundcover and soil pH under evergreens

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Rex begonias demand royal treatment,  pages 1-2

It's a two-fer weekend: Special issue next,   page 3

Peek under other junipers for groundcover ideas,  pp. 3-4

pHacts about soil acidity, page 4

Winter-weary eyes need a good book, page 5

Pruning girdling wood: One trunk too many, pages 5-6

Bare-ly time to see what's best in the landscape, page 7

Valentines speak flower lingo, friends talk tools, page 7





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acidity, altering soil acidity
acidity, testing soil pH
ajuga, groundcover under evergreens
aluminum oxide, effect on soil pH, effect on acidity
Begonia 'Escargot', growing conditions
calcium, effect on soil pH, effect on acidity
cedar, juniper, groundcover beneath
cool air, effect on indoor plants
crabapple persistent fruit as winter design feature
design in winter

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design, balance of planting under a tree
Epimedium versicolor, barrenwort, groundcover under evergreens
evergreen needles make soil too acidic, myth, no basis in fact
foot candles measure light
girdling in multi-trunk trees
Glasshouse Works, Ohio
groundcover under evergreens
humidity, necessary for healthy begonia
humorous writing, Abbott, Bonnie Thomas, Radical Prunings
indoor plants, consequences of dry air
indoor plants, planting depth, set too deep
indoor plants, watering, reason for shallow pot
Lamium maculatum, groundcover under evergreens
Language of Flowers, cut flower arrangement has hidden meaning
light for indoor plants
mildew, consequence of dry air
oak, white oak, Quercus alba
organic matter, effect on soil pH
ornamental grasses as winter design feature
plants have tolerance for pH range
poetry, The Lily and the Rose by Cowper
pruning in winter
pruning, limbing up evergreens, removing lower limbs from evergreens
queen of flowers, poetry
rex begonia, Begonia rex-cultorum
soil sulfur, effect on acidity
soil testing for pH, soil test for acidity
Stewartia, prune to relieve girdling of multiple trunks
terrarium environment good for some indoor plants


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